Dr. Alveda King Calls for Peaceful Demonstrations and Highlights Six Necessary Steps of Protesting

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Dr. Alveda King has experienced race-fueled hatred first hand, and more importantly, learned how to overcome it.

As a young girl, she marched, was arrested, and “faced bombs and brutality,” all in the name of the fight for racial equality. However, during an interview on Fox News, she noted a difference between protests of the 20th-century and those we’re seeing today.

“I was trained in nonviolent peaceful conflict resolution,” she explained, adding that her training came from none other than the leader and icon of enacting change through nonviolence, her uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

She paralleled her own familial experience with the current state of demonstrations and said, “In our legacy, we know that you must have order, even in protest, and order is appropriate.”

King then highlighted the six steps to a peaceful, non-anarchy-driven protest:

  1. You gather your information — not fake news — real information.
  2. Once you gather your information, you educate your public.
  3. Examine your own heart and yourself to make sure that you’re dealing with righteousness and justice together.
  4. Sit down and try to negotiate.
  5. The conflict resolution is taken to the streets.
  6. Win your viewpoint and reconcile peacefully.

She added the caveat that when she says “the conflict resolution is taken to the streets,” she envisions a scene that’s very different than what is taking place. “It must be peaceful without the baseball bats and the mace and the sometimes guns and things like that,” King told Fox News.

One of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s principles of nonviolence was the belief that “nonviolence seeks to defeat injustice, not people,” and his niece reiterated his stance that targeting each other is not the way to bring about change.

King summarized Acts 17:26, which describes that God made all people “of one blood,” and reasoned, “We are human, we’re not even separate races, so to come at each other with this angst and anger it only stirs up the hostility.”

She also recalled President Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, when he said, “no matter what color your skin is, no matter what your ethnicity, our blood runs red.”

King added that it’s important for America to “pray” and be wise to those who aren’t genuinely in the fight against white supremacy, but are stoking the fire for their own personal political gain, regardless of the side of the aisle the person stands on.

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