Dr. Phil Doesn’t Take the Bait When Joy Behar Begs Him to Diagnose Trump — He Drops Reality Check Instead

“The View” host Joy Behar tried really hard on Thursday to get Dr. Phil to diagnose President Donald Trump as a narcissist and thus unfit to be president — but the famous TV doctor didn’t take the bait.

Instead, he read from the official DSM5 to explain to the audience what narcissism actually is. NewsBusters outlines the exchange via a transcript:

BEHAR: Check.[ Applause ]

DR. PHIL: Two, is preoccupied with fantasies of success power or brilliance. Which she said.[
BEHAR: Check [Applause ]

DR.PHIL: Okay. Three, believes that he or she is special or unique. [laughs]

BEHAR: check check!

DR. PHIL: Can only be understood by special people.

BEHAR: Ivanka.

DR. PHIL: Four, requires excessive admiration.

BEHAR: Oh, check, check, check, check!

DR. PHIL: Has a sense of entitlement, which means is very thin skinned.

BEHAR: Oh, check, check, check!

DR. PHIL: Is interpersonally exploitative–

BEHAR: Check

DR. PHIL: Lacks empathy, has the inability to stand in other people’s shoes.

BEHAR: You know like when he makes fun of people that are handicapped–

DR. PHIL: I’m just reading it. You interpret it however you want. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her. Shows arrogant and haughty behavior.

BEHAR: Case closed.

Image Credit: “The View”

However, it was Dr. Phil’s brutally honest comment afterward that really put the skids on the anti-Trump segment. When co-host Whoopi noted that “a lot” of people exhibit some of those traits, Dr. Phil hammered it home.

“Well, if you — that’s a lot of people. And if you take out everybody that has any of those characteristics then you’re going to take out a lot of people including some at this table,” he quipped.

“Yourself included?” Behar remarked.

“Absolutely,” Dr. Phil agreed.

Behar claimed former President Barack Obama clearly didn’t have narcissistic disorder, and accused Dr. Phil of saying “all presidents” have suffered some form of the disorder.

“I didn’t say they all have it,” Dr. Phil shot back. “I said most leaders are under a lot of stress and pressure so a lot of it will show anxiety, depression at different times. Lot of leaders will have some affliction at different times because the pressure and the demands of the office.”

In most cases, debating psychological disorders with Dr. Phil is an uphill climb.

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