‘Due Process Must Be Respected’: NRA’s Dana Loesch Slams Trump on Gun Control

National Rifle Association (NRA) spokesperson Dana Loesch appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning to respond to the variety of gun control proposals mentioned in Wednesday’s meeting between President Donald Trump and bipartisan members of Congress.

Loesch didn’t seem optimistic about the potential for Congress to pass a bill that improves school safety while protecting gun rights.

“I love the fascinating discussion, but at the same time, it doesn’t make for great policy for keeping our kids safe,” Loesch said. “Look, there’s a way that you can respect and protect due process, and protect the rights of millions of Americans while also hardening our schools and keeping kids safe.”

Loesch explained the NRA’s positions on background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill individuals, and she blamed the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for failing to stop the Parkland shooter despite multiple red flags that were reported.

She also praised Trump’s proposal to arm certain teachers in an effort to “harden” schools across the country and deter future attackers from targeting gun-free zones.

But Loesch made clear that the NRA does not stand with Trump when he told members of Congress that law enforcement should “take the guns first, go through due process second.” The president mentioned the tactic as a way to quickly prevent a shooting by pre-emptively acting on suspected individuals, but Loesch was having none of it.

“One of the things that NRA leadership stressed to the president on Sunday is that due process must be respected,” she said. “Harden schools, respect kids. Due process must be respected.”

Trump said that the bipartisan meeting brought “many ideas, some good & some not so good” in a tweet on Thursday:

During the meeting, Trump also sparred with members of Congress over the NRA’s influence and lobbying power. And as calls for change increase in the wake of the Parkland shooting, the president and some Republican members of Congress have joined their opponents across the aisle in embracing certain gun control measures.