GOP Rep Slams Bank CEO for Refusing Business to Detention Facilities That Care for Migrant Children

Congressman Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) slammed SunTrust Bank CEO William Rogers for refusing to do business with detention facilities providing care for migrant families at the border.

SunTrust bank is one of several major banks that has refused to partner with businesses responsible for operation detention facilities at the southern border. When they announced their decision to cut their business relationships with these facilities, the bank called it a “deeply complex issue,” but decided to bend to the demands of their stakeholders.

During testimony regarding a proposed merger between SunTrust and BB&T banks before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday, Duffy pressed Rogers on why they decided to refuse to do business with companies that help law enforcement uphold the law by providing housing for migrant families as they are legally processed.

Duffy set Rogers up by painting a picture of how they could fall victim to the outrage cycle currently entrapping the detention facilities at the southern border.

Watch Duffy grill Rogers:

Duffy: Let’s say there are a few people in America that are going to protest us and say: “This is a horrible merger. Bigger banks are bad. Smaller banks are better. The Congress needs to intervene and say this shouldn’t take place, even though you followed the law.” Would that be fair to you?

Rogers: I don’t think that would be fair.

Duffy: I don’t think so either.

The congressman then called out Rogers for denying business with private detention centers due to the whims of protesters.

“You have policies in your bank that says, ‘If we have detention facilities that are caring for children or detaining individuals who we may not know who they are, following American law.’ You say, ‘I’m not going to bank them.’ Is that fair?”

Rogers danced around the question, refusing to state whether his policy of denying business to detention centers was fair.

Duffy went on to highlight how many protesters — along with some members of Congress — have smeared detention facilities as “concentration camps” and called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents “Nazis.”

Rogers conceded that he doesn’t believe the detention facilities should be equated with the atrocities of Nazi Germany, but Duffy didn’t let up. He accused Rogers off supporting “open borders” policies that leave Americans at risk as unvetted migrants enter the country.

The CEO tried to claim that his bank doesn’t take social positions, though they clearly do.

“You are taking a social position when you say you won’t bank detention facilities,” said Duffy, later adding that it “concerns” him that SunTrust would oppose the detention of criminal illegal immigrants.

The congressman gave “kudos” to BB&T for leaving the door open for financial dealings with detention facilities.

Duffy isn’t alone in calling out SunTrust for their decision. CoreCivic and Geo Group — both of which run detention centers nationwide — have condemned the bank’s decision.

“This decision is about caving to political pressure,” CoreCivic spokeswoman Amanda Gilchrist told the Los Angles Times after SunTrust made the announcement in early July. “These banks have kowtowed to a small group of activists rather than engaging in a constructive dialogue.”

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Tery Gohsman

William Rogers has at least some of the attributes of a true patriot. Go SunTrust bank.

Sandra Jenkins

Surely there are other banks that would be happy to do business with a government paid co tractor. Deny the merger. Let them know how it feels to be slighted. Case closed.

Patti Harrison

I agree with the congressman, the bank is kowtowing to sjw’s And activists instead of who would really benefit!

Elizabeth Perry
Elizabeth Perry

I agree with Mr. Hardesty, as long as the children are not being “bought” by the person or persons trying to enter this country!

Elizabeth Perry
Elizabeth Perry

I agree with Mr. Hardesty as long as these children are not being “bought” by the person trying to enter this country!!

Bonnie Keever

Well I hope these banks remember this because if they ever need another bail out rest assure they shouldn’t get the tax payers money to help them

Dave Hardesty

Insane Leftist thinking – We should do everything we can do to ease the plight of those children who have entered our nation illegally and have been separated from their families.

Sane Conservative thinking – OK, lets improve the situation by providing better living conditions for them while we sort the mess out.

Insane Leftist thinking – Oh no, we refuse to do business with these government facilities and they can find the money elsewhere.


On a related matter, Congress should be investigating Citi Bank and Bank of America for their denial of banking services to the gun manufacturing industry through pressure placed on the banks Officers by certain members – Rep Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and other gun haters (who have armed guards at their sides 24/7). Some banks are still providing financial services to ALL their customers; but Citi and BOA are selectively picking and choosing those they feel are good enough to walk through their doors. [So glad I closed my BOA checking, savings and credit card accounts YEARS ago. Burned those bridges.]





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