Dunkin’ Cracks Down on Store Owners Failing to Use E-Verify to Ensure Workers Are Documented

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Well-known breakfast chain Dunkin’ has moved to take away some storefronts from owners after they failed to use the E-Verify system and hired undocumented immigrants.

The company sued nine store locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware as part of a crackdown on employment verification. As IJR Red reported, the E-Verify system is an online database that ensures workers have the proper identification.

“Each of the lawsuits is similar. They each said that Dunkin’ reviewed employment verification documents and practices, found violations at the subject franchisee companies, terminated the operators’ franchise agreements and then swiftly moved to remove the franchisees from the restaurants,” Americans for Legal Immigration PAC said.

Dunkin’ claimed that the issue was hurting their reputation and that the illegal practice had to be stopped.

The Center for Immigration Studies also reported on the issue and cited a Law360 report, saying, “the corporation filed a suit against multiple former franchisees ‘with locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware’ stating that they were ‘sullying the coffee chain’s reputation … [when they] engaged in illegal hiring practices in breach of their contracts.’”

The report added, “The franchisees had failed to use the E-Verify program as their contracts required, according to DD’s lawyers. E-Verify is a government-provided system that informs employers whether or not a worker is in legal status. There is no charge for its usage.”

The E-Verify system, while not federally required, is required by both Mississippi and Arizona as a way to prevent companies from hiring undocumented workers. As IJR Red reported, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) recently created a piece of legislation that would make E-Verify permanent.

Currently, the program requires constant renewal and lawmakers are torn on if it will be a beneficial program due to the system’s inability to identify some forged documents. The program will expire later in the year if Congress does not renew it.

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I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the company’s requirement to use e-verify. I think it should be required by law for every single company that has an employee. I was not aware it was done for free which removes all excuses against the practice. I think it’s time to buy some donuts.


It’s critical that e-Verify be made federal law and permanent. Put gigantic, business-killing fines and criminal prosecution along with it.

Right now it’s selectively enforced on a state-wide basis. (you can guess that the sanctuary states essentially ignore it).

This is a perfect example of private business doing what the government cannot/will not.


Good for Dunkin’. I like their coffee, and Macdonald’s $1 cup, better than the overpriced swill served by a certain Leftist coffee outlet. (even if Macdonald’s used to use Seattle’s Best, a subsidiary of the Lefty company)


WHY isn’t E-Verify MANDATORY Nation wide to deter or eliminate Illegal Alien Invaders from the Nation’s workforce? Once the Nation’s unemployment rate drops to 0 or as high as 1%, then allow a few disease-free, green card holders (up to 500 per year) apply for the lower paying jobs. DEPORT all the rest.





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