Durbin Explains McConnell’s Inaction on Interference: ‘Russians Were on the Side of the Republicans’

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Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) called out Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday, saying he is either choosing to ignore “our intelligence agencies” or feels incentivized to aide Russian interference as a beneficiary.

Rebuking the majority leader’s “case closed” view on the Mueller report, Durbin explained the two potential scenarios of why McConnell is so antsy to move on, saying either “he really doesn’t believe it, he doesn’t think the Russians were involved in 2016. He ignores the Mueller report and our intelligence agencies.”

“Or in the alternative, feels the Russians were on the side of the Republicans in 2016 and just might be again in 2020,” Durbin added, expressing his hopes that the “latter possibility is so remote as to being impossible.”

Following Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s (D-Mass.) call for impeachment on the Senate floor, Durbin struck a similar tone to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who condemned McConnell for “whitewashing” the Mueller report, saying “this isn’t over and it won’t be over soon.”

“Leader McConnell has made clear he and Senate Republicans want the Mueller Report to disappear,” he wrote on Twitter, emphasizing that “With so many troubling questions unanswered, Senate [Republicans] and AG Barr must not be allowed to sweep this under the rug.”

“We must hear testimony from Robert Mueller and Don McGahn,” Durbin concluded.

Although a plethora of Republicans is dead-set on moving on from the Mueller report, Durbin has “reintroduced the bipartisan DETER Act,” garnering unlikely support from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has been continually backpedaling from his original stance that “it’s over.”

If passed, “it prohibits foreigners who improperly interfere in our elections from coming to the US to further their schemes & bars them from entering our country in the future.”

However, with McConnell at the helm, it’s likely that this bipartisan bill will face challenges as he is known for making the Senate his “legislative graveyard” by blocking many pieces of legislation that he doesn’t agree with.

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Dan McMonigle

Common sense has only one way to explain this. The Russians always favor a Democrat president. Democrat president Wilson set up the situation that put Lenin in power in Russia. Democrat president Roosevelt hobnobbed with Stalin and helped set up a huge swath of client states that were to be controlled by Russia after the war ended. Democrat president Kennedy failed to keep communism out of our hemisphere and agreed to withdraw from Turkey. Democrats are lying. Russia helped Hillary

George Peters

those who scream the loudest for getting rid of trump are the guiltiest ones. and we all know who they are. just about every one of the demon-ratic party. so long boys and girls of said party. you will now fade into obscurity forever after this is over.


Might want to look at the Russian ads that Congress released. They attacked and supported Hillary, Bernie and Trump. Their attempt was to get us all arguing over stupid stuff instead of running a county. I would say that they accomplished their mission very well.



Just wondering if the DETER Act would include illegal aliens voting without IDs at the polls? Would they also be prevented from reentering the country?


Dickhead Durbin is a clown of the first order. For every intelligent statement he makes, there are umpteen idiotic ones to negate them.


Watch out, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Democrats already gearing up to claim the Russians are interfering with the election in favor of Trump. Democrats always deflect their bad habits on someone else. Look to the real collusion of Democrats and foreign interests, fake dossiers used to spy on the Trump campaign, the Hillarrhoid getting foreign campaign funds.


Good job Dick. Now explain Obozo’s complete submissiveness to Russian activities, electoral and otherwise.

Maybe he never stood up to them because that would require a spine. “Cut it out!” Them are some mighty strong words.





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