Durbin Grills Trump Judicial Nominee for College Writings on ‘Myths’ of Sexual and Racial Oppression

Dick Durbin, Neomi Rao

Democrats grilled President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Brett Kavanaugh on U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit due to her past controversial writings.

Nominee Neomi Rao wrote multiple essays in her days as a student at Yale that implied women were partially responsible for date rape, questioned global warming, and made sweeping statements against LGBT groups on campus.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) questioned Rao’s views at her nomination hearing on Tuesday.

“I want to talk about ‘myths’ for a moment,” Durbin began. “You also said at Yale that a ground called the Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Co-op was ‘spreading myths about AIDS.’ What were you referring to in that statement?”

Rao said she didn’t remember.

“Well then let me ask you about another ‘myth’ statement,” Durbin pressed on, questioning a specific statement from an article she wrote in 1993. “‘Myths of sexual and racial oppression propagate themselves, create hysteria and finally lead to the formation of some whining new group. One can only hope to scream perspective, just a little perspective darling.'” Durbin quoted.

Again, Rao said she didn’t remember what she was referring to. “Partly what I’m responding to there is a very narrow set of issues on the Yale campus and a specific type of activism and multiculturalism that existed at Yale at the time,” Rao explained.

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But Durbin wasn’t buying Rao’s explanations that she was once idealistic.

Rao tried to reason that her sense of racial idealism came from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“I was inspired by Martin Luther King’s vision, right, that we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. And maybe that does seem idealistic and naive today, but that was inspirational to me when I was starting college.”

Durbin seemed exasperated by Rao’s reasoning for brushing aside racism.

“I would really struggle to reconcile what you said about racial oppression as a myth with the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King,” he replied shaking his head. “I can’t understand that brand of idealism.”

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In much of her hearing, Rao either had to backtrack or explain away her past controversial statement. Democrats aren’t keen on having her serve on D.C. Circuit but she has a good chance at getting the job from the Republican-controlled Senate.

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The Dickie Durbin blind hog found an acorn with which he’ll try to sour Rao’s nomination: 25 year old academic discussion on myths. Rao writings suggest one is responsible for their own thoughts and actions – Imagine that

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