‘I Love That I’m Not His Type’: E. Jean Carroll Responds to Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusation Denial

E. Jean Carroll

President Donald Trump brushed aside the latest sexual assault allegation made against him by saying accuser E. Jean Carroll isn’t his “type” and that the violent interaction Carroll described never happened.

“I’ll say it with great respect: Number one, she’s not my type,” Trump told The Hill on Monday. “Number two, it never happened. It never happened, OK?”

Carroll, a long-time advice columnist for Elle, didn’t let Trump’s excuse bother her.

“I love that I’m not his type,” she told Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night.

Cooper compared Trump’s comments to earlier ones he made about another woman, Jessica Leeds, who accused the president of groping her on an airplane. “She would not be my first choice that I can tell you,” Trump said to a crowd weeks before the 2016 election.

The president now has 16 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. Often, Trump dismisses the accusations by focusing on the woman’s looks. “Check out her Facebook page – you’ll understand,” Trump said of Natasha Stoynoff, who accused the president of forcibly kissing her on the mouth.

Carroll said she sees a pattern from the president every time a woman comes forward with a new story. “He’s denied all 15 women who have come forward,” she said. “He denies, he turns it around, he threatens, and he attacks.”

Watch the video below:

Carroll first came forward with her story in an op-ed for the New York Magazine last week. In the essay, Carroll details her encounter with Trump in a clothing store in the mid-90s where they recognized each other and she accompanied him shopping.

“I was enchanted. It was such a great moment,” Carroll said of her initial interaction with the now-president.

But the light-hearted shopping trip turned serious when Trump allegedly shoved Carroll up against the wall of a dressing room and pulled down her tights. “I realized that this was a fight,” Carroll described. The Elle columnist then alleged that Trump raped her.

Trump has firmly denied the accusation from Carroll along with the 15 other women who have accused him of sexual misconduct over the years.

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Diane J Lambert
Diane J Lambert

When is a liar. I can see why she is not his type lol


I’m not surprised there would be at least 16 “women” looking for a huge payday from billionaire Trump. He’s an easy, well defined and recognizable target by the Leftists and marked by the DNC for whatever comes down the pike on any particular day.

I wouldn’t believe this woman even if her tongue were Notarized 30 odd years ago. She certainly has no credibility.


Carroll’s type is already likely mummified.

General Confusion

To paraphrase a misattributed Stalin quote:

One sexual assault or rape is a tragedy. Sixteen sexy assaults or rapes are a statistic.

The same people who were supposedly repulsed by Clinton’s peccadilloes could not care less about King Donald The Loser’s presumed and/or known history. Hypocrites are confusing.

General Confusion

‘Seriously, the very idea that we ought to have at or less than the same moral demands placed on the Chief Executive that we place on our next door neighbor is ludicrous and dangerous’
Vice President Mike Pence

Pence wrote a long letter saying that the President should be held to the same more standard ad we would hold our neighbors.

I am confused, Mr Pence.

What happened to YOUR moral standards since the 1990s?





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