On Earth Day, Take a Look Back at 6 Times ‘Mountains of Trash’ Were Left Behind at Progressive Protests

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

Saturday on Earth Day, progressives of all political stripes are conducting a “March for Science.”

Activists hope that by marching for “science” they’ll show their commitment to the environment, with the side ‘benefit’ of conveying the idea that people who disagree with them are somehow anti-science – or are very, very bad people:

But at similarly progressive protests recently, the facts on the ground tell a dramatically different story about that commitment.

And people have noticed:

And “Ms_Erika74” isn’t the only one who has noticed the ‘environy’ of some of these marches.

Here are six times when progressives broke the cardinal rule of environmentalism by not leaving a place better than they found it.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters


Environmental activists who tried to stop the energy pipeline camped out for weeks. Independent Journal Review reported that when protesters were ordered to vacate the land they burned their huts and left “mountains of” “potentially toxic” garbage behind, not to mention abandoned dogs.

March for Climate, 2014

As Independent Journal Review reported at the time, the big climate march lost some credibility when activists left tons of litter behind.

‘Break Free’ Climate Change Protest

Good news! Well, except for the retrial….

Posted by Break Free PNW on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Environmentalists camped for days on the main railroad tracks in Anacortes, Washington. KIRO News reported that they left their garbage behind.

‘Kayaktivists’ Trashed Octopus Habitat

Environmental ‘kayaktivists’ protesting energy created what they proudly called a “people’s platform” – and then left it behind on Seattle’s Elliott Bay. My Northwest reported that state environmental officials complained that the protesters left metal, cement blocks and garbage in a known diving and octopus habitat.

4/20 in Denver

Granted, it’s not an ‘environmental’ issue, unless you count the smoke, but this week’s weed smoke-up event in Denver was anything but respectful to the earth. Even people high on marijuana can clean up after themselves.

Women’s March 2017

There was an environmentalist component to the “Women’s March” but probably not the one that participants intended. The anti-Trump feminists and activists were urged to leave their signs behind to send a message. Received. Loud and clear.

Happy Earth Day!