‘It’s Easy to Hide Behind a Report’: Calls Mount for Adam Schiff to Testify

The Republican ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Doug Collins (Ga.) said that Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) must testify in the next phase of impeachment hearings.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” Collins told host Chris Wallace that he wants Schiff to testify because “Adam Schiff is the author of this report. Adam Schiff has been the author of many things, a lot of them found to be false over the past couple of years.”

Watch his comments below:

The House Intelligence Committee, which held a series of hearings in the impeachment probe, is expected to release its report on its investigation into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine sometime this week.

The House Judiciary Committee will then hold a new round of hearings, which Trump and his counsel would be allowed to participate in.

Collins said that Schiff “needs” to testify and that if he does doesn’t, he would question the accuracy of the committee’s report.

“He has put himself into that position. If he chooses not to, then I really question his veracity and what he’s putting in his report. I question his motives for why he’s doing it.”

He continued to suggest that Schiff’s reasoning for pushing for impeachment hearings might be exposed as a purely political ploy if Schiff is cross-examined in hearings.

“It’s easy to hide behind a report. It’s easy to hide behind a gavel in the Intelligence Committee behind-closed-door hearings. But it’s going to be another thing to actually get up and have to answer questions about what his staff knew, how he knew, what he knew about the whistleblower report.”

Collins went on to blast his Democratic colleagues, claiming that they’re rushing the impeachment process for a “made for TV event.”

“Why are they hiding the stuff from us? If they think they have such a case, give us all the materials, and don’t let Jerry Nadler write a crazy letter that says on the sixth, let us know who your witnesses are. We don’t even have the information from the Intel committee yet. This is why this is a problematic exercise and simply a made-for-TV event coming on Wednesday.”

The Judiciary Committee announced it would hold its first round of hearings on November 4 and gave Trump till November 6 to decide whether he will participate in the hearings.

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Ron Pauly

Because its all about telling lies to sway public opinion before the next election. Don’t let facts and evidence get in the way. The left and all the witnesses just don’t like Trump or his ideas. The whole impeachment has been a joke with the way it has been carried out.

Phyllis Softa

James, Below I have asked that you define “hate” and “pro-American. I do not wish to draw a conclusion without your input. By observation alone, it appears you believe one “hates” Trump if they do not support Trump’s agenda of White nationalism, child separation policy, anti-religious freedom, anti-free press, anti-free speech, anti-equal justice, and anti-logic/common sense. Is it “pro-American” to support a POTUS that is opposed to every principle that you have believed for decades that made America exceptional? Is it “pro-American” to support unlawful behavior and defend it only with unsubstantiated attacks and insults of those who do not… Read more »


>Always Generally Confused< I want to thank you for the information on how to block the replies to a post here on IJR. I was not aware that is how some of my pro-American, pro-Trump replies were being blocked by those who are unfamiliar with the word "truth" and are too ignorant to do the research. I have and will continue to vote every moronic comment down rather than blocking it from viewing by others. I believe it's absolutely imperative for everyone to see the stupidity and the anti-American hate being vomited by the Socialists/Communists here on IJR who waste… Read more »

General Confusion

“Who is Phyllis? I don’t see a post from her. Why do you think that people censor her?” Sandra Luder I will presume that you are new to IJR. IJR’s comment section is broken and they refuse to fix it. Phyllis Softa is one of the members here who posts comments that irritate many members because she is correct (almost) 100% of the time, factual and sometimes even astonishingly well informed. Oh, and did I mention that she is anti-Trump and pro-sanity? This bothers many here who are insane or confused, can’t think for themselves or are indoctrinated in Cult-45… Read more »

Phyllis Softa

Sandra Luder—you don’t see my earlier posts as IJR posters block them from your view by replying after I have replied. IJR’s system only allows you to see ONE reply per comment.

Phyllis Softa

James, You claim to only find Amb Sondland credible and yet he quite clearly testified there was “QUID PRO QUO”—He provided email evidence that he kept Mulvaney, Perry and Pence informed. He also testified he, Perry and Volker were directed by Trump to “talk to Rudy.” He also testified that the restaurant cell phone call with Trump DID take place and he could NOT contradict David Holmes’ recollection of the call or the conversation after the call. This would include Trump asking Sondland if Pres. Zelinsky was going to do the investigation of the Bidens. Amb Sondland ALSO testified that… Read more »

Sandra Lueder
Sandra Lueder

I think the dates are Dec 4 and Dec 6, not November.


Democrats are the lowest of the low.





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