Fox News Anchor Announces He is Taking Time Off to Donate Liver to Younger Sister

A Fox News anchor will be taking medical leave to donate part of his liver to his younger sister who is suffering from a degenerative liver disease.

In an emotional moment on Sunday morning, “Fox and Friends” host Ed Henry announced that he would be taking time off from hosting the morning conservative opinion show to donate 30 percent of his liver to his sister, Colleen.

Henry said that it was “good to talk about it” and that he “hopes” that his talking about the procedure on-air “helps people” who may be in a similar situation and that “all [he] want[s] to do” was give his sister ” a little life.”

Watch the video here:

After he “caught [his] breath,” Henry recounted how it was difficult to do his job at the network while preparing for the surgery and when Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott gave him the green light to take care of his sister.

“It’s funny, you feel a burden and then you feel like it’s lifted when people around you help you,” said the “Fox and Friends” anchor. “[…] They were asking me to do all kinds of things like ‘go to the debates in Miami’ and ‘do these things.’ And you want to do your job but you’re running out to the hospital, taking another blood test.”

“And I finally just said, ‘Suzanne, I can’t do this,'” Henry added, his tears welling in his eyes. “And she was like, ‘Go help your sister.'”

Henry penned an op-ed that was published on Sunday, as well, where he wrote that it was his “sincere hope” that his addressing the issue would “help bring some awareness” for the thousands of people awaiting organ transplants.

“It is my sincere hope that talking about this journey for myself and Colleen, who has been bravely battling degenerative liver disease over the last few years, will help bring some awareness for the over 113,000 people in the U.S. waiting at this time for lifesaving organs (about 13,000 of whom need a healthy liver),” wrote Henry.

The “Fox and Friends” host will be going through the surgery on Tuesday.

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Patti Harrison

Good man!


Ed Henry is an honorable man. God Bless him.

Pat Warnock

Well done, Sir – a truly loving thing to do


Just admiration and prayers to Ed Henry and his sister. Also blessings to the physicians in this case.


Living donation is something many people are not sufficiently aware of beyond a kidney, blood or blood marrow. Truth is that much of the body can be donated as Mr. Henry is doing and could there be a better reward than seeing the life you saved “lived”?


To paraphrase, no greater love have a man that he should donate an organ.

Bravo to Ed Henry.

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