Eight Intense Reactions to Kavanaugh’s Confirmation: ‘People Should Be F**king Terrified’


After a hard-fought battle and despite the many protests, the Senate finally confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday.

Some, like President Donald Trump, celebrated:

Others were less ecstatic. In fact, they seemed downright depressed. Here are some of the most intense reactions IJR found after the Kavanaugh vote.

1. Protesters’ “primal” screams.

The situation at the Capitol was already intense before Saturday’s vote. The confirmation seemed to drive anti-Kavanaugh protesters even madder. Sam Stein, the politics editor at The Daily Beast, reported that the protesters’ screams were “primal.”

Here’s some of what happened during the vote:

2. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn said she pulled over and “screamed gutturally.”

“Just pulled my car over & screamed gutturally for a good 2 min & then cried for 10 more,” she said before explaining that a woman comforted her:

3. Cartoons with Kavanaugh covering Lady Liberty’s mouth.

People apparently thought it was poignant to portray Kavanaugh as suffocating the Statue of Liberty the way that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claimed he did with her:

According to journalist Andrew Stroehlein, Kavanaugh would “make sure women have no legal control over their own bodies.”

4. Alyssa Milano: “People should be f**king terrified and outraged.”

Actress Alyssa Milano, who actually attended Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, had a lot to say:

5. D.C. bar patrons scream “f**k you a**hole.”

6-7. Comedians call confirmation day a “gross” and “terrible” day in American history.

8. Chants of “shame” outside the Capitol.

At least two men could be seen holding up middle fingers. One of them yelled, “F**k you!”


  1. Sorry, I was unclear. He (conservatives) are not progressing.

  2. For once I agree with a Lefty at The Daily Beast! “Protesters screams were ‘primal'”, meaning pre-evolutionary, primitive, undeveloped. These protesters prove that we are regressing as a society, not progressing!

      1. I’m confused about your reply. Neither has he, what?

        1. Never mind, Erica. Anonymous is some fifth grader that sneaks onto mommy’s computer to watch his mom’s porn movies and use the new words that his daddy calls him.

        2. Sorry, I was unclear. He (conservatives) are not progressing.

      2. What’s your real name there, kiddy pud buffer? Does posting under “anonymous” make your gonads grow from the shrunken raisins that they are into bowling balls? I guarantee if you said that to my face, you’d be picking your teeth out of the asphalt…that is if you ever regained consciousness. Give it a try, brave man with the foul mouth!!!

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    2. Seymour is concentrating on those delicious baby foreskins.

  3. The only ones who consider Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler comedians are they themselves, their agents, and the Left.

  4. More screaming. What is it with the Left and screaming?

    1. My kid threw a similar tantrum yesterday. What he got was a spsnking and a nap. Maybe we should try that…

      1. Erica,
        I think we can agree that at a certain age tantrums are to be expected, but never from adults. q.v. the protests and perpetual performance-art practiced by the Dims. This is a statement on their maturity.

        The problem starts when the child gets its way as a result of the tantrum. This teaches it that tantrums are a way to get what it wants.

        It makes one wonder HOW exactly the current crop of Leftists were “brought up”. Too much indulgence, unearned self-esteem, and helicoptering perhaps?

  5. I hope a log of lefties are terrified, scream until they lose their voices and never sleep a wink again.

  6. This is Alyssa Miano’s statement regarding the Supreme Court “Kavanaugh moves it much, much further to the right. It has completely lost touch with the values of majority of Americans.” Since when is she the spokesperson of the majority of Americans? She is from that isolated bubble on the west coast called southern California that is so far left to fall into the ocean. There is a vast portion of the USA that she knows nothing about therefore can not speak for them. I dare say there is more majority supporting him & a conservative agenda than liberals. The conservatives are quieter & hard working people that do not have the time to scream, holler, & protest as we work for a living unfortunately to help support the leeches on society.

    1. Ms. Milano’s statement of “5-4” partisanship over the last ten years is wrong. If there was partisanship it was in her side’s favor. The court’s favorable rulings on Obozocare and gay marriage (they got that one right) should be obvious. Doesn’t she believe that RBG, Sotomayor, Kagan

      More importantly, did she expect ANYTHING good from a constant 4-4 vote?

      She’s a bobblehead.

  7. The left get more and more insane on a daily basis, I love it. ??????

  8. I feel for all who have suffered from sexual assault (I was assaulted as a teen), and I also believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. I listened carefully to the testimony; I read carefully the other accusations made of Judge Kavanaugh. I’m not willing to abandoned civil rights now anymore than I was when OJ Simpson was acquitted.

  9. It’s more likely the bar patrons were pissed that the game was interrupted, perhaps even at a pivotal moment, for “important nonsense”.

    1. You are probably right. People drinking at 1 pm while watching sports do not sound like political animals.

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