MSNBC Contributor Demands ‘Pitchforks and Torches’ Outside Trump Fundraiser’s Home

A contributor on MSNBC demanded that people protest outside the home of billionaire Stephen Ross after it was revealed he would be holding a fundraising event for President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” contributor Elie Mystal claimed that “people of color are already targets” by the Trump administration before going after Ross for his support of the president and saying he wanted to see “pitchforks and torches” outside of the billionaire’s home.

“People of color are already tragets under this administration. I have no problem on shining the light back on the donors who fund this kind of racialized hate. I mean I go further. I want pitchforks and torches outside this man’s house in the Hamptons.”

Watch the video here:

Mystal continued on to say that there was “no reason” why people should not make “their voices peacefully understood” with pitchforks and torches outside of Ross’ house. He also claimed there was also “no reason” for the billionaire “to have a nice, little party.”

“I’ve been to the Hamptons — it’s very nice,” Mystal said. “There’s no reason why it has to be. There’s no reason why he should be able to have a nice, little party, right? There is no reason why people shouldn’t be able to be outside his house and making their voices peacefully understood.”

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that the president was to be the headliner for a pair of fundraising events in the Hamptons on Friday where tickets for the events cost between $5,600 and $250,000.

Ross — the chairman of the parent company to fitness companies Equinox and SoulCycle — will be hosting one of the events at his home.

The revelation sparked calls for protests, boycotts, and membership cancellations for the gyms.


  1. Meanwhile, the Liberal/Communist/Democrats, are saying:
    “Donald Trump is promoting violence.”
    These people need to be charged under,
    18 U.S. Code § 373.Solicitation to commit a crime of violence.
    Look it up.
    After all, it is these same people who limit free speech, of others.

  2. If anyone is hurt and damage this man should be arrested and if something does happen they will say it was all Trumps fault I hope the secret service is there they won’t even be close to that house

  3. MSNBC is now actively trying to get some disturbed leftist to take out Trump or Mitch or this Trump donor. They hope he will use a gun so they will use what THEY PROMOTED as an argument for gun control.

    1. I wasn’t confused, Tom.

      I knew that some dumb-ass would comment about his hair without contributing something useful or relevant to the topic. You didn’t let us down, bud.

  4. As both I and Morte206 posted, if this spoiled, soft, wannabe inciter of violence had ptichforks and torches outside his residence he’d
    1. soil his pants
    2. start hollering for cops. You know, the evil racist ones he’s denounced.

  5. Who is this fool? He shows why Democrats/Liberals should never be believed. First he says, “their voices peacefully understood”, then calls for pitchforks and torches. Maybe he’d like to burn a cross on the lawn. Will all these protesters be wearing white hoods (you know Democrats convinced the Southern states to secede, voted against the black vote and created the KKK)? What would happen if someone came to his house with pitchforks and torches? Democrats are the violent ones, just watch what they do. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    1. Join the discussion…You are so right. The communist (demoncrat) party is the party of hate, lies, deceit, slavery, class warfare, kkk, Jim Crow laws, violence, assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and many others, Margaret sanger (eradicate blacks, planned parenthood), murder children (infanticide) and a list so long that I don’t believe it can all be written. This is a party of EVIL in it’s purest form.

  6. We’re supposed to consider the content of Elie Mystal’s character, not the color of his skin. Fine. YUK!

  7. The one thing missing at that table – a big bowl of swill. right in the middle. Ya know what I’m sayin?

  8. That man supposedly studied law? “pitchforks and torches”? There is a limit to free speech – when another can be physically hurt by your actions, it is not done You, sir, are advocating violence and because you don’t like someone, noone else should. Who is being the racist now? MSNBC, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves

  9. For Petes sake. Just how peaceful is demonstrating in front of Ross’s House with “pitch forks and torches” ? These democrats are the ones that are trying to rev up violence and hate, and all the while accusing Trump of stirring up hate and division. I just hope América is watching and listening, and paying attention. The Trump hating democrats don’t give a damn about the country, or the people in it, all they know is that they hate Trump, and they are going to destroy the country and everything we hold dear. to get him.

  10. Why did he leave out the hoods? Since when does a “peaceful” protest have sharp objects and fire? If the tables were turned and a “peaceful protest” showed up on Kamala Harris’ lawn with pitchforks and torches we’d be calling in the FBI for a hate crime. Think about it.

  11. OK, so lets post the names of all of the Democrat donors! The names are easy to get. The board of elections has all of the names and it is public information but most sane people do not go around trying to f’k with some one like the Democrat supremacists do! It is time we do the same things the nasty Democrats are doing!

    1. Time to GOFUNDMe and out all of these racist progressive/Marxists using Facisist tactics not seen since the Democratic racist south was busy wearin white hats and burning crosses on black folks front yards to bully anyone that thinks differently

  12. This sounds very similar to Maxine Waters calls for attacks on all Trump supporters. Isn’t that violence or because they say it makes it right? I guess he already watched that movie called “The Hunt” and thinks it is based on reality.

  13. Just another one of the out of control liberals. And conservatives are being accused of racism and hate? Well, liberals take a look. This is every one of you.

  14. Torches Pichforks why not black burning crosses on the lawns or bang on pots and pans in the middle of the night yelling FU, FU Die Mitch – ohhh you did that already. You guys are playin a very dangerous game

  15. They call the President racist because He said go back to your home country and fix the problems their. This guy wants you to bring pitchforks and torches to someone house and that’s ok. It’s freedom of speech. There is freedom of speech as long you say what they want you to say. You want to protest do it at someone place of business and at their home. Don’t buy their products. This man should turn the hose on them if go on his hose if can get one. To put out the torches(ha ha ha) of course.

  16. Have to say it but he reminds me of an overweight, elderly Flip Wilson with ‘Mod Squad’ hair. He’s also obviously a racist.

  17. In other words, you don’t have to be among the wealthy elite to hunt deplorables.

  18. I think Mr. Ross should hire an armed guard service and have them post heavily armed security officer all around the perimeter of his property. This idiot accuses Trump of “targeting persons of color” and in the next breath calls for pitchforks and rakes. Just who really is the racist here?

  19. They are targets of Donald Trump. So far his arrows have hit their unemployment numbers and lowered them historically. He has tried to lessen their burden of taxes by cutting the middle and lower income taxes. I guess this idiot just didn’t read, or can’t read, about the good things he’s done. Maybe HE’S the racist.

  20. Doesn’t it just figure that people like this call for violence as an approach to someone that they disagree with.
    This is “aiding & abetting” & “party to a crime”.
    This POS and MSNBC producers, s/b tried and placed in jail.
    Seems ironic that Conservatives do not resort to these primal tactics.

  21. The only racist are the people screaming racism!!!! I’m a white woman and have felt deeply the racism that is out there. I have been a target because I’m white and successful in my life. 40 years of hard work and my skin color has made me a target by people of color. Especially by my own family. They are half Spanish and they say I voted for Trump so that makes me a racist!!! I will vote for him again!!! Our country needs him!!!! I can ignore everyone and choose to be happy!!! My choice because I’m an American!!!!!

  22. This is acceptable to people on the left? When will they start being held accountable for their divisive rhetoric? They lie, cheat, and pander to the uninformed and just keep on over and over! Enough is enough!

  23. What if a white man said this about a person of color, in this case it’s an idiot of color. Pitch forks and torches? Why didn’t he say what he really meant, Uzi’s and Glocks. This guy is another bigot like Waters and Sharpton!

  24. ^^^ Niggas666 are a disgrace to America send these losers to Afrika.

    1. Not all, just like not all white people are upstanding citizens. Kind of stupid to put them all in one box, don’t you think? I would have voted for Ben Carson if Donald Trump didn’t get the nomination. He’s a very smart, classy BLACK man. There are a few white people I’d rather not see or vote for. Didn’t lose any sleep hearing about Jerry Epstein hanging himself. You sound like a bigot and ignorant. Might want to get a little smarter before you post. You sound rather stupid.

  25. There is this type of rhetoric coming from the left, and President Trump is responsible for the violence in our nation? Give me a break!!! This is the very definition of insanity! The left claims that Trump is a racist, but when called on the carpet and demanded to give examples they fail every time to give one legitimate example. All they can give are made up twisted lies and edited video that appears to make him sound bigoted, but if you dig up the actual video, you find that it is always a lie and misquote. I am tired of the left and the MSM (ah but I repeat myself) repeatedly lying about our duly elected president simply because they terrible candidate lost! Grow up and get over yourselves already!

  26. With a head of hair like that, he had better not get a torch or he’ll go up like one.

  27. Everyone wants all the divisiveness to end so what does MSNBC do? They run 2500 racist, hate stories about idiots a week. Really, they need to stop taking George Soros’ money to destroy America. It is time for Americans to bring pitch forks and torch’s to MSNBC and kick them off the air.

  28. Hate speech and racism is just fine for prog/left/lib/dims, just as long as it being spewed by a prog/left /lib/dim. Their hypocrisy and out-and-out lying knows no bounds.

  29. Guarantee that if an irate pitchfork wielding crowd showed up at Mystal the Mystic Troll King’s house he would crap his pants and scream institutional racism.

  30. Some more hate rhetoric from a well-to-do Black intent on inciting a race riot. THIS is precisely how mass murders are started. Some unhinged Black Socialist will begin shooting other Blacks and Trump and 6 million NRA members will be blamed for having all their fingers on that one trigger.

    The United States needs to implement some kinda “edukashun systum” rather than indoctrinating the lower-IQ holders and giving them high paying jobs to spew their personal hatred, divisiveness and racism.

  31. I see what he’s doing. If people with pitchforks and torches show up at someone’s house and get shot as a result, that feeds not only the gun-control hysteria but also the MSM.

    Funny how a soft, overfed, MSNBC paid “consultant” might adapt lynch mob tactics. q.v. Mad Max. He’s a typical spoiled Leftist who is obviously ignorant of history and would soil his “big and tall” trousers if actually faced with real violence.

    background: Mystal failed the bar exam. He also failed ATL Idol, lacking any discernible talent.

    MSNBC is seriously scraping the barrel, but one supposes their low-ratings do not afford much of a budget.

  32. Mystal must live in the mystical land of socialist ogres who make up fantasies about what peaceful demonstrations consist of. Pitchforks and torches are not included. Freedom of speech and the right to assemble are apparently fine with this moron if they agree with his point of view. I oppose violence in political discourse but this fat ass obviously believes in discord. I wonder how fast he could run if his house was suddenly inundated with torch-carrying pitchfork wielders. I bet the wimp would actually like a visit from the evil police if that went down at his abode.

    1. Let it and its ilk bring it. Our side needs more target practice.

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