Elijah Cummings Responds to Trump Lawsuit: ‘Unprecedented Stonewalling on All Fronts’

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) is arguing President Donald Trump‘s lawsuit against him has “no valid legal basis” and is a political front and excuse not to turn over his financial records.

“The President has a long history of trying to use baseless lawsuits to attack his adversaries, but there is simply no valid legal basis to interfere with this duly authorized subpoena from Congress,” Cummings said in a statement Monday.

“This complaint reads more like political talking points than a reasoned legal brief, and it contains a litany of inaccurate information. The White House is engaged in unprecedented stonewalling on all fronts, and they have refused to produce a single document or witness to the Oversight Committee during this entire year.”

Trump filed a lawsuit against the chairman over a subpoena asking for information on his personal and business finances, saying in the complaint that Democrats are “obsessed with finding something they can use to damage the President politically.”

Trump’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, used one of the president’s coined phrases in an argument against the subpoena: “We will not allow congressional presidential harassment to go unanswered.”

According to Politico, Trump’s team is demanding the U.S. District Court make a ruling by April 29. Trump’s team is worried that Mazars USA, the company that has the past ten years of Trump’s financial records, could comply with the subpoena as soon as next week.

Cummings isn’t buying the legal standings of the lawsuit and seems confident in his response that it won’t be taken seriously in court either. The judge taking on the case is U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama.

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Perhaps President Trump could ask Hillary for advice on “stonewalling” supplying Congress subpoenaed evidence. Mr. Cummings wasn’t concerned then.


And, we can expect a judge appointed by #44 to go along with Cummings. Birds of a feather stick together regardless of a correct interpretation of the Law. Hope the WH takes it to the SCOTUS.





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