RNC Chair Wants Warren Disciplined for ‘Decades of Untruthfulness’ Amid Revived Ancestry Controversy

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is taking a hard hit at Sen. Elizabeth Warren for identifying herself as a Native American on the Texas State Bar.

After receiving flak for her DNA results, Warren revealed she’s up to 1/1,024th Native American. Warren did damage control by apologizing to the Cherokee Nation saying she “can’t go back … but I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.”

Warren’s Texas State Bar registration card surfaced in the media recently, revealing she claimed to be of “American Indian” ancestry.

“Dated April 1986, it is the first document to surface showing Warren making the claim in her own handwriting,” The Washington Post wrote. “Her office didn’t dispute its authenticity.”

Check out the registration card below:

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel urged the Texas State Bar to punish Warren for “lying.”

“Attorney Warren should be disciplined for lying and failing to correct a misrepresentation she made on her Texas Bar registration card,” McDaniel wrote, Mediaite reported.

“Attorney Warren is now apologizing for misrepresenting herself as an ‘American Indian’ or Native American throughout her career. It has now been thirty-three years since she made this representation to the Texas Bar and has never made an attempt to correct her registration card. Therefore it is clear that Attorney Warren lacked the ‘Good Moral Character’ required for admission to the Texas Bar and should be disciplined for her three decades of untruthfulness.”

This is the latest heat Warren is getting regarding the controversial topic of her identifying as having Native American ancestry, and the topic doesn’t seem to be passing anytime soon, especially after Warren announced that she formed an exploratory committee for the 2020 presidential election.

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John Schulz

You know, this doesn’t even matter. She didn’t say she was from the Cherokee Nation, just that she has American Indian Heritage. I don’t need to be a Polish, German, or Irish Citizen to claim I am Polish, German, and Irish in addition to my American citizenship. I mean technically WE are ALL African. We all came from one woman and one man who came out of Africa! I should just start putting in African American on all my records!

John Goss

She thought that because she was born in Oklahoma, she was a Native American. If she had been born in a garage, she would have thought she was a Buick.


Ignore Poca – she’ll go away. Or step on her crank. In any event after her native American hustle, she’s a non-starter, though she’s the only one who doesn’t know it.


Hope she wins the Dim primary. Would love to see her debate Trump. It would be a real comedy.


I’m not holding my breath that she’ll do anything or that she’ll be disciplined. After all, she’s a Dem/Socialist and they operate under a different set of rules/laws than Americans.

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