Warren Flustered After Being Asked Hypothetical Question About How She Would’ve Addressed Biden VP Controversy

2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) appeared to be flustered by a hypothetical ethics question.

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Warren — the junior senator from Massachusetts and one of 19 Democrats running for president — was asked if, under her administration, her vice president’s son would be allowed to sit on a foreign company’s board.

Warren fired off a quick “no” before appearing to become flustered by the question and backtracking, as she said that she would have to look over the “details” of her ethics plan regarding it.

“I don’t — I don’t know,” said the Massachusetts Democrat. “I mean, I’d have to go back and look at the details.”

Watch the video below:

Warren was then asked if there would be a “problem” with that in her administration.

“I would have to go back and look,” replied the Massachusetts Democrat.

The reporter’s question was seemingly in reference to former Joe Biden‘s (D) son, Hunter Biden, who was named to a Ukranian natural gas business’ board in 2014 — the same time that the elder Biden was serving as vice president under former President Barack Obama.

Hunter Biden has denied any illicit activity and has said there is no evidence as to any legal violations by him while working with the natural gas company.

The scrutiny over the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine came after a whistleblower report alleged that President Donald Trump had pressured Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to look into the former vice president.

As IJR previously reported, the whistleblower report spurred House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to announce an impeachment inquiry against the president.

Several prominent House Republicans have come out against the impeachment inquiry. House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-Ga.) blasted the House Democrats as being “so bent at getting at this president.”

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President Zelensky said in a television interview there was NO pressure by Trump to look into the Biden’s crooked dealings in Ukraine. Mr. Zelensky did say there was corruption throughout Ukraine and his new Administration would be “draining their swamp”.

IF Chief Spreading Bull is not mentally fit to answer a simple Yes or No question; HOW will she be able to make a really major decision; like where to park her teepee for a powwow on the White House grounds?





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