Former Dem State Rep Blasts Warren for Clinging to ‘False Narrative’ With ‘Offensive’ Michael Brown Tweet

A former Democratic state representative from Missouri blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for her recent tweet that he believes is “offensive” to law enforcement officers.

On Friday, Warren — one of two dozen Democrats trying to win the party’s presidential nomination for 2020 — posted a tweet claiming that 18-year-old Michael Brown — who was black — was “murdered” by white Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson.

The tweet came on the fifth anniversary of Brown’s death.

“5 years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael was unarmed yet he was shot 6 times,” wrote the presidential candidate. “I stand with activists and organizers who continue the fight for justice for Michael. We must confront systemic racism and police violence head on.”

Brown’s death sparked rumors that he was killed in cold blood while holding his hands in the air. The event was investigated by the Obama administration Department of Justice, which found that Wilson had shot Brown in self-defense.

The tweet was not received well, with former Democratic Missouri state Rep. Jeff Roorda (D-Mo.) torching the post as “offensive to every police officer in America” during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

Roorda — a retired police officer — also blasted Warren as “clinging to this false narrative” as there is “no reason to do that other than it pays electoral dividends” in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The former Missouri state lawmaker also agreed with host Pete Hegseth that Warren was “pandering” with her tweet and that he didn’t know “what good purpose” was accomplished by continuing “this narrative.”

“Pandering’s a good word. I mean, I don’t know what good purpose is served by extending this narrative that the Justice Department [and] the Grand Jury rejected flatly,” said Roorda. “Darren Wilson was acting in self-defense.”

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Other people online were not thrilled with Warren’s tweet, as one user warned people not to “be like” Warren.

Check out some of the other reactions:

Warren was not the only Democratic presidential contender to push this claim.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) also claimed that Brown’s death was a “murder” and called for “stronger accountability and racial equity” in the U.S. justice system.

“Michael Brown’s murder forever changed Ferguson and America. His tragic death sparked a desperately needed conversation and a nationwide movement,” wrote Harris. “We must fight for stronger accountability and racial equity in our justice system.”

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Democrats, the real reason America is divided and thrown back to the 1960s. It’s how they try to win. Divide everyone, so no one notices how they’re trying to destroy America for their own personal gain. They make false promises which they can’t deliver on. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.


A disturbed mass-murderer uses a word in a 2300 word manifesto that DJT also uses in speeches and the President is accused of inciting violence.

But Sen Warren can use a LIE as a false premise, and then says:
” We must CONFRONT systemic racism and police VIOLENCE HEAD ON.”

But the other Dems or the MSM would deny that that is a possible incitement of violence.


Elizawitch is as transparent as Saran Wrap and her brain the consistency of cottage cheese. Anybody who votes for this dingbat belongs in The Twilight Zone, apologies to Rod Serling.

Bonnie Keever

This kid was a thug the only reason he was out on the street was because he got a technicality on murder charges in juvenile court he used his boy to take the officer gun and kept charging him not to mention him and his friend robbed a store the officer was not wrong on this

Steve Zinck

Sad that the media doesn’t call her out on this.

william jackson

Pandering for a black vote all the while stirring racial disharmony—-D-RATs will do/say anything to get a lousy pathetic vote. Pocahontas has no sense of conscious

Patty Dougherty
Patty Dougherty

What the hell!!!! Do these idiot democrats want to start a race war !!!!! What is wrong with them!!!!!! Omg!!!
Stop this BS.


Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris pandering to BLACK LIVES MATTER and stirring race hatred from behind their walls, gated communities and large security details





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