Warren Rips Those Who Embraced the Free Market After Communist USSR’s Collapse — And Makes No Sense

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently slammed capitalism and complained about it being encouraged in the former USSR.

During a discussion on foreign policy at American University, the senator had harsh words on the impact capitalism has had.

“Champions of cutthroat capitalism pushed former Soviet states to privatize as quickly as possible, despite the enormous risk of corruption,” Warren said during the speech.

The politician did not go into detail to explain why capitalism would be worse than a socialist dictatorship.


“For decades, leaders of both parties preached the gospel that free trade was a rising tide … It’s great rhetoric, except that the trade deals they negotiated mainly lifted the yachts and they threw millions of working Americans overboard to drown,” said Warren.

However, many middle-class Americans rely on a capitalist society to make a living and sustain their careers. While there are issues with the system, no other system has allowed such a large percentage of the countries population to succeed on their own terms.

Warren has spoken about the possibility of her running for president and has become more outspoken about her beliefs.

Yet the politician has faced controversy in the past, publicly trying to prove her Native American heritage after President Trump criticized her. It is uncertain if these recent comments signal she may be preparing to announce a 2020 run.

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Rocky Drummond

Extreme capitalism has problems, extreme socialism has problems. That’s why we have prospered so well in a mixed economy.


Chief Fulla Bull,
1. Capitalism has helped more lot of people, even more than Communism has killed.
2. You are completely ignoring the documented and blatant corruption in the Soviet Union.
3. If Communism was soooo wonderful how come the Soviet Union collapsed, but capitalism continues?

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