Elizabeth Warren Puts Aside Partisan Politics to Give A Message About Military Service Members

After a speech Senator Warren gave on Tuesday afternoon, many who normally don’t agree with her are finding some common ground.

During a congressional committee hearing, the Massachusetts senator brought up a concern she has for U.S. military service men and women who obtain skills during their time in service, but are not able to quickly transfer those skills into the workforce. Senator Warren particularly honed in on the lack of certifications available to them.

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Sen. Warren is the newest member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services. During the hearing, she asked ranking officers of the Army, Air Force, and the Navy about the disparity between highly-skilled military service men and women and the lack of jobs they’re able to get once they re-enter the civilian world.

Senator Warren said:

“If you can drive a military truck in combat, with hazardous cargo, at night, through a sandstorm, then you can drive a commercial truck on an interstate. If you can dock or anchor a 10,000 ton warship under extreme stress, you can do the same thing for a small commercial ship.”

All three officers representing their respective military branches agreed with the senator.

The heart of Warren’s conversation pointed to the fact that there’s an issue with state and federal licensing.

Warren continued:

“We spend hundreds of millions to train our servicemembers to do highly skilled jobs… But too many still struggle to transition into civilian jobs because they don’t have the right certifications and licenses.”

Video of Senator Warren’s comments has gone viral, garnering more than 4.5 million views, and has received praise from people all across the political spectrum.

A United States Air Force major and registered Republican told Independent Journal Review her thoughts on Senator Warren’s message:

“I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I fully agree with her. We spend so much money to train these men and women but they are not certified or have licenses for what they do. It is fine for the military but not when they transition to the civilian world.”

The Armed Service’s Subcommittee on Personnel met Tuesday afternoon to discuss readiness programs for single servicemembers and military families.

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