Elizabeth Warren Unveils ‘Universal Child Care’ Proposal to Make Early Education Accessible to All

Elizabeth Warren
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled a bold new plan to provide universal childcare to all Americans who want it using the funds from her ultra-millionaire wealth tax plan revealed early in her presidential campaign.

Warren referred to the plan as another “big, structural change” that defines her campaign promises.

“In the wealthiest country on the planet, access to affordable and high-quality child care and early education should be a right, not a privilege reserved for the rich,” Warren wrote in a Medium post outlining her plan Tuesday.

The Massachusetts senator honed in on the fact that quality child care is hard to find and it often takes up a huge chunk of a family’s income. Warren is promising free childcare for families that make less than 200 percent of the poverty line and that all childcare will be capped at seven percent of a family’s income. “That’s a heck of a lot less than what most families are paying for high-quality child care now,” she wrote.

Warren said the plan will work with local communities — “states, cities, school districts, nonprofits, tribes, faith-based organizations” — to provide care based on new national standards.

The 2020 candidate is calling the program a “win-win-win”: “It’s great for parents, for kids, and for the economy.”

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According to the Huffington Post, Warren’s proposal could cost $700 billion over ten years. But the senator assured voters that her other plans would make up the difference.

Warren’s “Ultra-Millionaire” tax plan that taxes those with a net worth of over $50 million could create $2.75 trillion over 10 years, or as Warren put it, “four times more than the entire cost of my Universal Child Care and Early Learning plan.”

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Warren estimates that as many as 12 million children could be enrolled in childcare through her program.

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The child care plan my wife and I devised years ago was that WE would pay for OUR kids, by OURSELVES! Ultimately, they were OUR responsibility and nobody else’s! It worked for us, our parents, grandparents, great grandparents…..and it worked quite well !

What changed?…Other than society’s reluctance to accept responsibility for ourselves?





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