Elizabeth Warren’s Support Among Black Voters Gets Boost, Threatening Joe Biden’s Lead

Elizabeth Warren
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.) is closing in on former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead with black voters expected to cast a ballot in the Democratic primary.

Warren, who has struggled at times with gaining support from black voters, has seen her numbers rise over the last few months. In March, she had less than 0.5% support from black Democrats, according to Quinnipiac. In the latest poll from October, that number rose to 20%.

The gains are a significant piece of news for Warren’s campaign. No Democrat has won a nomination without the majority of the black vote since 1992. And in 2020, black voters are expected to represent a quarter of the ballots in the primary race. On the campaign trail, Warren has made a point to discuss intersectional issues involving race, feminism and the challenges people of color face in today’s America.

While Biden still holds a strong lead amongst black voters, there is some vulnerability. Axios tracked nine Quinnipiac polls from March until October, and at the end of October found that Biden still had 43% of the black vote, which is about where he started. The issue, though, is that he isn’t making gains and is yet to win over young black voters.

In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Warren had opened up a lead on Biden with 28% of the vote among Democratic and independent voters, compared to Biden’s 21%. If her gains with black voters keep trending in the same direction, she could become the undisputed frontrunner in the race.

“She’s the only one who consistently leaves the room with more support than whatever she came in with,” Cliff Albright, co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, told Axios. “The exact opposite is the case for Joe Biden.”

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Tom Bodine

“Gotsta go with da one dat gives da most free shit”, boy will that one get me in trouble 👍😁

Dale parker
Dale parker

She will soon claim her black heritage just like she used the Indian heritage lie to get her job as a professor. That was debunked by the DNA test.


Uh oh Joe, looks like that Obama shine just might be fading.





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