MN’s Largest Editorial Board Will Only Believe Ellison’s Accuser if She Provides Video Evidence

Apparently, #MeToo has its limits in Minnesota. The state’s largest print newspaper, the Star Tribune, just released an editorial saying they wouldn’t judge Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) until his accuser provided a video.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Deputy Chair was accused of emotional and physical abuse by his ex-girlfriend, Democrat activist Karen Monahan. The accusation, written by the victim’s son, claimed that they had video evidence of Ellison violently dragging Monahan. 

Monahan told her friends that she was at “the lowest of the low.”


Monahan’s claim is not the only domestic violence accusation against Ellison. Transcripts of a 911 call also connect him to another violent outburst. 

Monahan decided not to release the videotape, urging that women should not need to provide video evidence to be believed. 

As far as the Star Tribune is concerned, Monahan’s fear that no one would believe her without the video was validated. Minnesota’s largest paper demanded video evidence before they will condemn Ellison. 

The Tribune’s editorial board urged that they found the #MeToo movement to be important, but they also find it to be dangerous.

“That is an important development,” they wrote, “But there is danger here, too. It comes in making the quantum leap from listening, to instantly believing.”

The editorial specifically addressed the video, writing, “There either is a video or there is not. If there is, Ellison will have been caught in a serious lie that could bring his rise to an abrupt halt. If there is no video, Monahan will have been found in a lie.”

While trying to side-step victim-blaming accusations, the editorial board claimed they spoke out because they need evidence, writing, “But there still must be an allowance made for the need to gain greater understanding of a situation — to sort out the truth when there are conflicting versions of events.”

For the Star Tribune, the way to gain that understanding is through the videotape. They did not address the 911 transcript from 2006 in their editorial. 

The Star Tribune published one op-ed that openly resented the way the Democrats handled former Sen. Al Franken’s (D-Minn.) accusation and resulting resignation. They seem to not want Ellison to go down in the same way. 

Ellison is running to be Minnesota’s attorney general. Even after the allegations were made public, Ellison won his primary. He will face voters and Republican opponent, Doug Wardlow, in November. 

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