Former AG Holder Defends Obama’s Deportation Record, Tells 2020 Dems to Be ‘Realistic’ on Immigration

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is defending the previous administration’s record on immigration after 2020 Democrats criticize former President Barack Obama over deportations.

During his presidency, Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president before him. His deportation record also outpaces that of President Donald Trump‘s, as well.

Obama’s record on immigration has been a problem for former Vice President Joe Biden on the campaign trail. During Thursday night’s debate on ABC, Biden said he was “proud” to have served with the former president, despite criticisms of his immigration policy.

Watch Biden’s answer:

In an “Axe Files” interview, Holder also defended Obama’s record on deportation. He told host David Axelrod that the deportations that occurred under Obama were all related to public safety because the individuals who were deported had criminal records.

He also called out 2020 Democrats for their criticisms on the administration’s immigration policy, noting that “borders do mean something.”

Watch Holder’s interview below:

“Yeah, but the [deportation] emphasis there was on people who had criminal records, people who posed a danger — a public safety risk. Those were the people who we emphasized as, you know, deporting. You know, Democrats have to understand that we do have to have — borders do mean something.”

Holder also claimed that decriminalizing illegal border crossings — as some 2020 Democrats have suggested — is a step too far. He noted that it could hurt the party to embrace policies that are unrealistic and impossible to deliver on for voters.

“Yeah. I mean, I think we need to look for solutions to the problems that we confront that are consistent with who we are as a party, consistent with the Democratic tradition. But also, the kinds of things that we’re going to be able to deliver to people. People who believe in government because they’re promised so much and we then frequently don’t deliver for them. I hope that we’ll be, just as I said, realistic but consistent again with our progressive principles.”

As IJR previously reported, Biden spent much of Thursday night’s debate defending Obama’s record.

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David Gearhart

Obama counted returns as being deported. He armed the drug cartels and turned our southern border over to them. The border patrol were told that border security was no longer their job. These immigrants may be illegals. They are still people and deserve better than being robed raped. Once they are here, they are protected our law. The deserve better than to be political pawns for the liberals.


You don’t understand, for the Democrats, this is not about being humanitarian or about criminals, or those just wanting a better welfare check than their country gives. This is about rigging the election. Their best hope is to count the illegals in their districts for the Census so their districts can take away electoral votes and budget appointments from other less populous and maybe more conservative states. The illegals don’t have to vote. The people in their mainly Democratic districts votes will count for more electoral, and electorial is how, despite the fact some districts had more votes than registered… Read more »

Karin Callaway

This is the one who, with Obama, supplied illegals with Guns across the border. And bless their hearts, they wound up shooting OUR people with those guns. So Obama could deport due to criminal illegality of the alien, however, Trump is heartless to do the same? And Were the Sanctuary cities/districts/towns/states in vogue at that time. The Dems/Left/Radical/Socialistic/oligarchic knot heads in the major cities need a rude awakening. Republicans who are still sitting on the fence! Choose your side. We need leaders in both houses of Congress, and if you cannot work for us any longer, then we cannot vote… Read more »

Sandra Jenkins

Says the crooked former AG who lied and was held in contempt of Congress because he would not deliver documents to the committee about the Fast and Furious fiasco under his direction.

But he is right about the candidates, they are blowing smoke up gullible Dems butts who think they can give them the world for free. His former boss couldn’t even do that. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

Linda Bayer

“Former” AG Eric Holder should be in prison just like Obama for sending guns to Mexico among other crimes! Both POS are what caused many of the problems America faces today!


Holder is right about #44’s deportations. They were ALL criminals for violating our immigration laws. That’s 100% violators.



Are you armchair-open bordering? Before you start making accusations answer this: How many immigrants have you helped? Legal or not.

Trump is continuing many of the same policies of his predecessor. It’s his constitutional duty and right.

You know what would be inhumane? Shooting them, putting them in servitude, or making them into living, screaming “Keep Out” signs. Instead we house, clothe, feed, and provide them medical care. We should simply turn them around and tell them to wait in line, and outside the country, with those LEGALLY immigrating.

Pete van der Lugt
Pete van der Lugt

So Eric Holder is claiming, that all the immigrants that Obama deported, had criminal records or were a threat to security. That would have to mean, that of the people showing up at the border, the larger majority, by FAR, have criminal records, enough so, that just the criminals coming over during the Obama years, outnumbered ALL the immigrants so far coming over in the Trump years. That would confirm that the majority of immigrants coming over, are confirmed criminals, and not just because they don’t care about breaking our immigration laws, but other laws as well. Seems to me,… Read more »





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