Eric Holder Responds to Bill Barr’s Claim: ‘It’s Called Investigating, Not Spying’

Eric Holder
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At a Senate questioning Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr suggested, without evidence, that U.S. intelligence agencies were “spying” on the Trump campaign. Former Attorney General Eric Holder took to Twitter to set the record straight.

“When there is a predicate, a legitimate basis, it’s called ‘investigating’ not ‘spying,'” Holder wrote. “I am confident that the people at DOJ/FBI conducted themselves in an appropriate way. No evidence to suggest otherwise.”

“I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Barr told senators Wednesday.

“There were a lot of rules put in place to make sure that there’s an adequate basis before our law enforcement agencies get involved in political surveillance,” he added. “I’m not suggesting those rules were violated, but I think it’s important to look at that.”

When directly asked by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) if he believed spying occurred, Barr hesitated before affirming his position.

“I don’t … well, I guess you could — I think spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur,” he answered before immediately backtracking.

“But the question is whether it was predicated, adequately predicated,” he said. “And I’m not suggesting that it wasn’t adequately predicated. But I need to explore that.”

Watch the video below:

Barr later added that he had “no specific evidence” to support that the FBI or any U.S. intelligence agency spied on the Trump campaign.

Democratic lawmakers followed Holder’s lead and disputed the attorney general’s statement. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told CNN that Barr “almost seems to be endorsing one of these theories that has been debunked time and time again.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) expressed his confusion and announced that he asked the Justice Department to clear up Barr’s comment.

“In the meantime, the AG still owes us the full Mueller report,” he added.

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Allen Zabel

Hey Holder?
How about we re investigate your part, under Obama?
I doubt that you could withstand, two years of investigations.
Fast and furious, comes to mind, for one.


So Holder is admitting there was an “investigation”.

The Obozo admin was rife with “weaponizing” of ALLEGEDLY neutral government bureaucracies like the EPA, IRS (q.v. Lois Lerner), and the BATF. Why wouldn’t they do the same with the DoJ, FBI, and intelligence agencies?


Maybe you oughta sit this one out, Mr. “I’m in Contempt of Congress over Fast & Furious”…


Yeah Holder, right. ? O’bama’s leftover FBI & DOJ went with a Fake Dossier to the FISA Courts & then listened in on a Presidential Candidate!! Yep…..I would definitely classify that as “Spying”!! Smdh #DemsRunningScared


“Debunked time and time again.” By fing who??


Fast and Furious Holder should know spying by any other name is still spying especially when it’s being done by U.S. Intelligence Agencies for political purposes.





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