Swalwell’s Gun Control Based Presidential Bid May Be the First to Fail in 2020 — And Some Can’t Stop Laughing

2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is expected to be the first of the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination to drop from the race, and people on Twitter are getting their shots in.

A Capitol Hill source familiar with the congressman’s plans told the LA Times that Swalwell is expected to announce his dropping from the race in a press conference Monday afternoon after canceling a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

The press conference comes amid abysmal polling numbers by the California Democrat and his botched attempt at slamming former Vice President Joe Biden for his age in the first debate.

Swalwell’s campaign focused on eliminating gun violence with solutions such a “semiautomatic assault weapon,” a mandatory gun buyback program, and the implementation of a “federal licensing program for gun owners.” He also vowed to “criminally prosecuting” anyone who refuses to comply with his proposed laws.

After the report broke, users on Twitter blasted the California congressman in anticipation of his official campaign announcement, with some of them bringing up Swalwell’s infamous tweet from 2018 where he suggested the government would employ the use of “nukes” if a “war” broke out over the government attempting to seize firearms from citizens.

Check it out:


Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) campaign team took a shot at Swalwell.

Swalwell had previously tried testing the waters on Americans’ views on his proposed assault weapon ban and buyback program via a Twitter poll last week, but the idea backfired.

As IJR Red previously reported, the California Democrat asked on Twitter whether people supported a ban and buyback of “every weapon of war” in the country a la “Australia” or if they loved “guns” more than “kids.”

The 19,342 people who voted spoke volumes, with 79 percent of those choosing the second of the two options, “No. We love Guns > Kids.”


  1. In his dropout speech, I wonder if he’ll admit his (ahem) primary mistake. He proposed a clean sweep of all 140 million firearms owners at once. I’d expect a man of his caliber to start his confiscation project with Jews or perhaps Blacks, hoping nobody will care. Then, with little resistance, his type would go after the larger populations of Latinos and work his way up to the largest group. Point is he’ll hope nobody notices his (ahem) arm band.

  2. Hey he may be out of the running.
    But, seeing that he’s a California Democrat?
    He’ll get a trophy, just for participating.
    It’ll be a frozen turd, on a stick.

  3. Latest news from other sources reports Duke Nuken Swalwell has dropped out of the race. That leaves 20, 25, 30 (?) other LOSERS to go.

  4. Buh-bye Swelledhead. You had zero achievements, nothing to distinguish your platform (your ilk all oppose the 2nd amendment), and little name recognition.

    Slink back to CA where your brand of ignorance and smarm sells, because those are the voters you have.

  5. Duke Nukem is ignorant of these things called insurrections, infrastructure, and how exposed and how vulnerable military operations are to any of these. Nuking is not a “one and done” proposition.

    Consider that ‘Stan has about 653,000 square kilometers of area. The US has close to 10M sq. Km. How’d we do over there despite years and trillions?

    Like Afghanistan, the US “opposition” is dispersed over vast areas, unlike the cities where the blue herds congregate. (consider THAT should they launch an armed insurrection). Siege warfare by cutting their water, food, power.

    IF he nuked American citizens he’d be lucky (and his family, supporters, friends) to survive to a war crime trial. We’ll leave how many military/first responders would defy his orders and consider him an enemy “domestic”.

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