‘What a Stupid Comment’: Eric Trump Hammers Scarborough’s 9/11 Comment, Democrat Messaging

Eric Trump didn’t pull any punches when addressing MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough’s, comments comparing his dad, President Donald Trump, to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The “Morning Joe” host used the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to compare Trump to the attacks that killed 3,000 Americans.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Scarborough claimed, “Trump is harming the dream of America more than any foreign adversary ever could.” He then doubled down on his op-ed, pointing to the unity that followed the attacks and comparing it to the political division today.


These comments did not sit well with many Americans, especially on the anniversary of the attacks.

Eric Trump joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss Scarborough’s “stupid comment.”


“What a stupid comment. What an unbelievably stupid comment. Sometimes I watch a show and literally, you almost can’t watch it. It’s almost unwatchable. You end up turning it off because it’s crazy. 9/11 was the greatest tragedy probably in the history of this country. You had 3,000 innocent people perish that day to absolute savages. He compares that to a man who gave up his life to run for commander in chief to better this country and by every economic measure, by every quantifiable measure this country is doing better.”

Eric pointed to his father’s solid numbers of unemployment, GDP growth, and the stock market. He also noted that the GOP tax cuts contributed to these impressive numbers.

“People are tired of this nonsense,” claimed Eric, adding, “Those savages that took down the World Trade Center, that flew a plane into a field in Pennsylvania, that flew a plane into the Pentagon. They’re largely gone because of the actions of my father over the last 24 months. If you go back 24 months, all you heard about was ISIS, ISIS, ISIS everyday.”

The president’s son asserted that his father’s record-breaking economy and strong foreign policy are the issues Republicans can run on. On the other hand, he doesn’t think Democrats have any issues to run on.

“What are the Democrats’ messages right now?” he asked. “‘Let’s raise taxes, let’s go after our amazing law enforcement, let’s abolish [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], and let’s eliminate plastic straws.’ I mean, that’s literally the message of the Democrats right now.”

Eric doesn’t believe that “America’s into” those policy ideas suggested by some on the left.

“The people of this country are really smart. They see through nonsense, they see through B.S.,” said he, adding, “and they better go out and vote.”

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