ESPN Is Getting Pummeled: Network Loses Whopping 500,000 Subscribers in April Alone

ESPN has lost upwards of 14 million subscribers in the past seven years after losing a whopping 500,000 in just April alone, according to reports.

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According to Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis, programming decisions are to blame, particularly the choice to break up “Mike & Mike” in order to create the morning show “Get Up,” starring Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle, and Jalen Rose, who make a total of $15 million between them:

“You may not like Michelle Beadle, but ‘SportsNation’ ratings are down substantially since she left and was replaced by Cari Champion. The ESPN ‘SportsCenter AM’ ratings are down 20 percent in being replaced by ‘Get Up.’ ‘Mike and Mike’ has tanked in the replacement of Mike Greenberg by Trey Wingo. The New York City studio has drastically over-exceeded budget and is costing a major drain on the existing models that are there. Everything has fallen apart at ESPN, including this disastrous ‘WokeCenter AM,’ which no one is watching.”

Jokingly referring to “Get Up” as “WokeCenter AM” due to both the show’s executive producer’s past with Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC and ESPN’s emphasis on focusing on social issues in addition to sports, Travis further explained how April hit the network hard:

And the start of this spring was brutal for ESPN, costing the network 500,000 subscribers, or nearly 17,000 lost subscribers a day in the month of April. Putting that into context, this is $48 million in revenue that ESPN has lost forever. (That’s $8 a month x 500,000 lost subscribers x 12 months in a year.)


The loss in subscribers puts ESPN down to just north of 86 million, which is a precipitous decline from the 100 million subscribers the network had as recently as the end of 2011. […] The larger story here remains that ESPN, which is the most expensive channel on cable by far, loses more than any other channel with cord cutting because their revenue takes the biggest hit. 

The loss of subscribers comes as many have taken issue with ESPN’s left-leaning messages and hosts, one of whom even accused President Donald Trump of being a “white supremacist.”

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