ESPN Commentator Throws Trump’s Name into the Whole Colin Kaepernick Anthem Scandal

When Colin Kaepernick was criticized for refusing to stand during the National Anthem, many noted that he knew before he did it that there was going to be backlash.

Here he is making that “stand” (by taking a seat):

And Kaepernick offered his own explanation as well, saying:

“I won’t show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

But then ESPN commentators got involved… In a brief exchange, one of them explained what he viewed as the real reason for Colin Kaepernick’s social activism:

“This really began, if you trace back his social awareness, to Donald Trump – way back at the end of last year – taking a look at Muslim immigration, maybe banning it or taking a hard look at limiting that. And that’s where you started to see Colin Kaepernick’s social activity begin.”

Kaepernick’s Instagram account tells a slightly different story, however. The first in a long line of “social commentary” photos was posted 45 weeks ago, in October of 2015:

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His first post predated Trump’s call for a complete ban of Muslim immigration by nearly two full months.

Another ESPN commentator, Pablo Torre, attempted to tie Trump to Kaepernick’s actions as well. He tweeted this after Kaepernick’s anthem antics broke the internet:

Donald Trump has yet to make any comment on Kaepernick’s actions.

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