Evan McMullin Has Some Straight Talk for Conspiracy Theorists Who Think He’s Funded by Hillary

A few months ago, no one had really heard of Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

Yet, not knowing McMullin makes sense. After all, he was in the C.I.A. and people who work in that field tend to keep a low profile.

McMullin went from being more than a long shot to now being in the position to win Utah. Such a quick surge in popularity has given birth to all sorts of rumors and theories surrounding his presidential run.

Independent Journal Review sat down with McMullin and his vice presidential running mate, Mindy Finn, to address the rumors. We asked them about the theory that their campaign is funded and backed by Hillary.

Finn said:

“It couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, we are a conservative campaign and I don’t think she’d be backing a conservative campaign. Also, here in Utah there’s probably two people who can win this state, it would be our ticket or Trump and Pence.

We are neck and neck with the Trump and Pence ticket right now. In that case, Hillary Clinton is behind in this state as well. There’s been a lot of reports about the people she has on the ground. She’s just hitting a ceiling.

So it’s absolutely ridiculous. We’re people who have spoken out from the beginning saying we don’t want to see Hillary Clinton as president.

It’s one of the reasons we didn’t want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee, because we believe that he would lose badly to Hillary Clinton, which it appears that’s what’s happening.”

McMullin jumped in with a different take on the issue.

He brought up this ‘invoice,’ which has been called ‘proof’ of him being backed by the Clinton Foundation:

“It’s based on a fake invoice that was put out online. That invoice has three sections. The first section is vending machines, the middle section is voter suppression and the last section was water.

So we were mixed in there between the Clinton Foundation’s water expenditures, you know Polish Springs and whatever it is, bottled water. Vending machines and voter suppression.

There were also other conservatives on that list, they also all happen to be conservatives that were opposing Donald Trump.

So I guess it’s just a coincidence that whoever is spreading that rumor happens to be critical of people who are opposing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

Then, McMullin blasted the idea that he is running as a spoiler to Trump wide open…

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