Everything We Know About Hillary’s Fancy New Office

Politico reported Friday morning that Hillary Clinton has finally signed a lease for her 2016 campaign.  The campaign snatched up two floors of office space in a bougie Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

Here is what life will be like for Hillary staffers lucky enough to work out of this Clinton Mecca:

They will work right here in this fancy building:

Walking into Hillary-Land will look like this:

Here is a professional rendering of what the entrance to Hillary’s offices will look like, based on photos from the building website:

Lovely views for having coffee.

And plenty of computing space for hipster staffers:

However, those hipster staffers better live somewhere else.  Brooklyn Heights ain’t cheap, according to Trulia listings:

But Clinton staffers are working close to a street with a familiar name:

Clinton staffers will have to endure an exhausting 4-minute walk to Chipotle:

The walking route from Hillary’s new campaign office to the neighborhood Chipotle. (Via Google Maps)

But Starbucks is a 5-minute walk.

The horror!

Don’t forget to make the journey to St. Ann’s, home of the voice of a generation, Lena Dunham:

Walking trip from Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters to St. Ann’s School (Google Maps)

  The office is walking distance from 9 parks.

Walk it out.

 And right across the street from the Social Security Office!


Current tenants include Wall Street investment bankers Morgan Stanley:

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch has her offices there, as well.

Bruce Ratner, the executive chairman of the company that owns the building, is a major Democratic donor:

He also owns the Brooklyn Nets.

If you really love Hillary, but don’t get a job on her campaign, just remember: There is plenty of office space in Hillary-Land left:

What do you think?

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