Ex-‘Apprentice’ Contestant Turns Down $5 Million Offer from Clinton Super PAC for ‘Potentially Damaging’ Trump Audio

Brian McDowell may have been told “You’re fired!” by Donald Trump during Season 3 of “The Apprentice,” but eleven years later, he was re-hired during the primaries as the coordinator for the Campaign to Elect Trump in Cape May County, New Jersey.

Image Credit: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images
Image Credit: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

While his time in the reality TV spotlight was short-lived (he was fired after week two), McDowell’s now found himself back in the spotlight after an independent source confirmed that allegedly he has “potentially damaging” alleged audio of Trump from his time on the show.

Don’t get too excited, though; it doesn’t look like anyone’ll be hearing it anytime soon.

McDowell has been approached by People magazine and The New York Times, and was even offered $5 million in legal fees from a Clinton Super PAC to release the audio. He declined all offers, explaining that this election is “bigger than Trump and $5 million.”

While other “Apprentice” contestants have come forward condemning Trump’s behavior on the show, McDowell remains steadfastly by his side, saying:

“I don’t like everything Donald Trump says and I don’t like everything Donald Trump does. I surely didn’t like getting fired on ‘The Apprentice’. I support Donald Trump because I compare him to the great presidents who built this country’s infrastructure, [Franklin D.] Roosevelt and [Dwight] Eisenhower. These presidents got things done, and so will Donald Trump.”

McDowell went on to say that Donald Trump was the “best candidate we have” and that he believes that a Clinton presidency would “greatly harm our nation.”

While we may know who McDowell is pulling the lever for this election, the contents of the “potentially damaging” audio may remain a mystery.