Ex-Intelligence Officer: Sources Say ‘There’s a Political Angle’ in Vegas Shooting

While officials have yet to detail a motive in the Las Vegas shooting, Col. Tony Shaffer told Fox News on Wednesday that law enforcement is “holding back” information that would suggest a political motive to the massacre.

According to Shaffer’s sources, authorities have reviewed the shooter’s recorded footage during the attack and have a better understanding of the motivation.

“My sources tell me they reviewed the information on those videos and there are things that do lay out some understanding of his motivation,” the CIA-trained former senior intelligence officer said, adding that officials haven’t released the new information because of “leads they want to follow.”

When pressed on why officials were reluctant to share the information, Shaffer said: “There is a political angle people are concerned about.”

“There is one legal law enforcement issue, according to my source,” he said. Shaffer added that his sources tell him there’s concern behind the scenes regarding why certain information, such as images of the guns used in the attack, have leaked and not the video that the suspect reportedly recorded during the shooting.

While Shaffer suggests authorities have a lead on the shooter’s motive, earlier on Wednesday, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said he’s surprised the gunman’s motive remains unclear, The Washington Post reported.

Watch Shaffer’s comments below, via Fox News.

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