Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele: Donald Trump Is the GOP’s ‘Golden Calf’ in ‘New Form of Idolatry’

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Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele sharply criticized the warm reception of President Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference during a Monday appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski kicked off the conversation, asking Steele how people supported what Trump had to say in his CPAC speech, which included references to investigations as “bulls**t” and an impersonation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ southern accent.

“Michael Steele, I don’t know how anybody could watch those three sound bites in a row or just listen to the president on any of these dictators and think that’s where we want to be.” She then asked Steele, to “help me understand the base.”

Steele began to answer the question, seemingly in agreement, but went on to explain the GOP’s alignment with Trump. “You’re right. You’d think that’s not where we want to be. But I would submit to you that we are exactly where we want to be and I think that the numbers we talked about in the last hour gives credence to that.”

The former RNC chairman went on to address how, despite criticism of Trump’s CPAC speech, he still maintains strong, unwavering support from his base:

“Rob Acosta put it exactly right about what’s happened, manifested at CPAC, is a new form of idolatry. Donald Trump is the golden calf, he is the thing that they come and bow before.”

Steele continued to give examples of Trump’s base supporting him despite criticism from others, saying, “When they show — they stand there for two hours and applaud the nastiness towards a hero like John McCain and buy the lame excuses for the president’s behavior with respect to Mr. Warmbier.”

Looking toward the future of his party, Steele stated, “This is the new space, this is the new party and in terms of where we go from here, well, we have to look at each other, look at our neighbor, look at ourselves, look in the mirror and go, ‘Is this us, are we now this America?'”

Steele went on argue Republicans are faced with the choice of whether they should minimize issues that should be important to them, because “we love that guy in the White House so much.”

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Rocky Drummond

“a new form of idolatry. Donald Trump is the golden calf, he is the thing that they come and bow before.” Michael Steele

What we have is worse than the religious imagery portrayed by that quote. It is a cult.





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