Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Calls Sarah Sanders a ‘Fat Slob’ — Then Issues Her a ‘Warning’

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg continued his wild press tour on Monday, issuing a “warning” to White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders during a live on-set interview with MSNBC.

“Sarah should shut up, frankly,” Nunberg said. “Sarah should shut up. She’s a terrible communicator — by the way, her presidential, the person she defends every day, he has a 35 percent approval rating. She should shut her mouth.”

He then paused and added, “And I’m warning her, by the way, to shut her mouth.”

Watch the video via MSNBC below:

In a previous interview, he called Sanders a “fat slob” and a “joke.”

Nunberg dominated headlines on Monday when he announced that he has no plans to comply with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena to appear before a federal grand jury in the Russia investigation.

The former Trump aide also claimed in previous interviews that Carter Page “colluded with Russia” and Mueller “may” have something on President Donald Trump.

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