Experts Reveal the Most Powerful Legal Firearms, But It’s Pretty Revealing Where the AR-15 Comes In

Since the nightclub shooting in Orlando and the misinformation that led millions to believe that an AR-15 was used in that attack, there has been a widespread campaign — driven by celebrities and anti-gun politicians — to ban the AR-15 in specific, and “assault rifles” in general.

Hillary Clinton opted out of a stump speech to call for restrictions on “weapons of war,” while celebrities such as Alyssa Milano called for outright bans:

A New York Daily News reporter fired an AR-15 and wrote about how scary it was, in order to point out the inherent dangers of that particular weapon.

In an effort to get the full story, Independent Journal Review reached out to a few gun experts and dealers to find out just how powerful the AR-15 is in comparison to other legal firearms.

A representative from Top Gun Shooting Sports in St. Louis pointed out several important facts:

“First of all, the AR-15 is not even classified as an ‘assault rifle.’ It has no selector switch, so there is no ‘burst’ or ‘full auto’ setting. With the right motivation, it can be modified – but it’s not legal. And any other similar firearm could be illegally modified as well.

And second, any semi-automatic weapon with a larger caliber bullet – any .308, a .50 cal Beowulf, or an M1 Garand – can do more damage in the same amount of time.

A .12 gauge shotgun can have a deadlier blast than an AR-15.”

Cory Garcia, who owns and operates Fringe Arms LLC, said there are a number of firearms that are capable of doing much more damage than an AR-15. The Barrett M82 A1, for example:

Garcia compared the damage done by a single 12ga shotgun blast with the damage done by 8 shots from an AR-15:

Left: Single shot from a 12a shotgun. Right: 8 shots from an AR-15 Image Credit: Cory Garcia/ Independent Journal Review

He also noted that any number of higher caliber handguns or rifles could be more damaging than an AR-15. A comparison of several projectiles illustrates:

L-R: .223 (AR-15), .308, Mauser 9.3×62 Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Taking it a step further, world champion shooter Jessie Jane Duff appeared on Sean Hannity’s show three years ago and demonstrated a similar comparison:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Duff compared (above, top row, L-R: an AR-15 (.223), a Browning 30-06, a Beretta 12 ga slug, (above, bottom row, L-R) a Beretta 12 ga waterfowl round, a Browning 9mm handgun, and a Colt 1911 .45 ACP.

The AR-15 round did the least amount of damage in comparison to the other five.

See Duff’s demonstration in full:

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