Explosive Jobs Report Sends Team Trump to Twitter to Gloat About Supercharged Economy

A surprisingly strong Friday jobs report from the Labor Department sent stock futures soaring, the dollar higher, and President Donald Trump to Twitter to gloat.

Despite claiming earlier this week that he doesn’t pay attention to the stock market, Trump tweeted Friday morning statistics showing that all three major indices are up double-digits for the year.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” the President tweeted after the jobs report was released and stock futures shot higher.

Team Trump was also quick to weigh in.

The Labor Department reported Friday morning that U.S. job growth in November was the strongest it has been all year, with 266,000 jobs added. Economists had expected the number to be in the range of 180,000.

The report also showed steady wage gains and that the unemployment rate has fallen back to 3.5%.

Trump’s supporters were quick to jump on the news as further proof that the healthy economy is going to make Democratic efforts to unseat him in 2020 that much more difficult.

But his detractors were quick off-the-mark with their own spin.

The additional jobs were partially attributable to the end of a six-week strike at General Motors, but hiring remained strong enough in the healthcare sector to offset declines in manufacturing being blamed on the ongoing trade wars. Government employment increased by 12,000 jobs.


  1. In case you haven’t seen real news headlines lately, here’s one for you

    “President Trump publicly comes out against childbirth in the ninth month of pregnancy: ‘It is wrong!’”

    Evidently its unclear whether he promotes forced abortions or what.

  2. CAP Action and Leslie Abramovel are whiners.
    1. Jobs are good.
    2. What exactly does Ms. A. define as a “middle income”? Is this like “fair” taxes? (where everybody should pay something or it’s NOT fair or their magic word, equitable)
    3. What kind of jobs did O create? Government jobs are dollar-sucks. Or does it include minimum-wage jobs that will be raised to $15/hr? (leading to shuttered businesses and unemployment)

  3. OK. Am I the only one who thinks that repeating tweets is the new, lazy journalism? Not that it’s without uses like bypassing the paid, Dimocrat spokespersons, err, media.

  4. “Gloat” betrays some non-objectivity, as does “explosive”. Maybe something like “Trump Team Celebrates Economic Successes Via Twitter ” would have been more appropriate.

    While the country’s successes under Trump should be celebrated AND it’s idiot detractors called out it shouldn’t be the job of a “journalist” to inject those emotions. That’s for us, the non-professionals.

  5. This is such a negative, bias headline. Something that benefits all Americans and this is your description? You should be ashamed of yourself. This is why Americans have lost faith in the media. “Gloat” – seriously. If any other president had accomplished this I bet you wouldn’t have “gloat” in your headline. This hate, bias and negativity is past old. If anyone thinks this is a way to remove support from Trump they don’t think!

    1. I agree. “Gloat” is tendentious. So is “explosive”.

      Apparently reporting facts objectively is no longer considered responsible journalism.

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