Failed Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Claims Trump Is a ‘Racist’ Who ‘Does Not Value Humanity’

Former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams (D-Ga.) claimed that President Donald Trump is a “racist” who places no “value” in “humanity.”

During a Sunday interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Abrams — who lost her 2018 gubernatorial bid to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) — was asked if she believed the president was “a white supremacist or a racist.”

Abrams said that she has said that Trump is a “racist” before and went on to say that he does not “value Americans” or “humanity” itself.

“I have said many times he’s a racist,” claimed the former Georgia House minority leader. “But, more importantly, he does not value Americans and he does not value humanity.”

Watch the video here:

“And that should be more disturbing to everyone than the title we prescribe to him,” added Abrams.

Abrams lost to the Georgia governor in the 2018 elections cycle by over 50,000 votes, but the Georgia Democrat refused to concede, claiming that the then-candidate Kemp had “abused his power” as the Georgia Secretary of State to suppress voters and benefit his campaign, as IJR Blue previously reported.

Kemp pushed back on the claims by arguing that he had been enforcing state voter ID regulations to keep up the legislation passed by the state government.

The Georgia Democrat continues to claim to this day that she had indeed won the election over Kemp and has still yet to concede it.

Abrams acknowledged her defeat while taking swipes at Kemp in a speech weeks after the election but said that the speech was not a “concession.”

“To watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote has been truly appalling,” said Abrams.

“So let’s be clear: This is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action as right, true or proper,” she added.

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As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Have no idea what that means except it sounds good as a descriptor of Abrams. What a sore loser or is she just a loser? When all else fails, pull out the “racist” card. Will the media, liberals and Democrats never learn?

Allen Zabel

Another lunatic who has no shame.
Why does the media give these losers, a platform at all?
She’s pro abortion and talks about having no humanity?
I’d call her a douche bag, but even that, has a purpose in life..

Don Snyder

All comes down to racist for you, hon. Has nothing to do with you being stupid.

Mary Ridosh-Spalding

You want racist, go back on your swing, damn porch monkey!! Talk shit and YOU are the biggest POS racist there is…

Mark Schlesinger

Bet she’s “pro choice”. And she says Trump has no value for humanity.

Dave Hardesty

Imagine that, a black racist calling another person a racist. Why it’s so common place today it’s no longer newsworthy and if you disagree you’re just a racist.


What an idiot.





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