Faith Hill Confirms Devastating Loss of Mom With Fans. They Let Her Know She’s Not Alone in Her Pain

As previously reported by Independent Journal Review, Faith Hill lost her mother, Edna Perry, over the weekend.

The singer has since issued a statement to her fans, thanking them for their support. With it, Hill shared a picture of her mother as a young woman…

As you may have heard, my mom passed away Sunday and was laid to rest this morning. While this is a difficult time for…

Posted by Faith Hill on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The post reads:

“As you may have heard, my mom passed away Sunday and was laid to rest this morning. While this is a difficult time for our family, we rejoice in knowing that she is in Heaven and no longer suffering.

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers.”

Since sharing the message, Hill has received an outpouring of deeply personal stories of loss from fans, letting the singer know she’s not alone in her pain.

Here are just a few…

“My mother also just passed away October 12th. Mom had a rough year and a half and the last few months of her life she made sure she told me every day not to cry when she died. She said, ‘I am ready to go home and be with your father again. I know where I am going and I look forward to being with the Lord.’ God gives you strength and knowing that for every second of every day she lived, that I was loved so completely by her, gives me even more strength. God Bless You and your family.”

“Hugs and prayers. Time doesn’t help. You just learn to live with the void a little better over time. Lost my dad two years ago. Never gets easier. Just different. Keep her alive in your heart and in your kids.”

“So, so sorry for your loss….lost my mom Aug. 28th….my dad had a heart attack when we told him and he died a few days later on his birthday. We think he got his wish to hold mom’s hand again. I would be crazy without the hope of Christ and Heaven. I know where they are. The greatest thing they gave me was their name when they didn’t have to. I don’t know my bio’s….I was given more love than a person deserves, so never went looking. How I miss my dad and mom… God be with you.”

“I lost my Mom back in 2001. I miss her everyday. Sometimes it is worse than other days. I miss her laughter,sense of humor and her wonderful meals. I believe she is in heaven with Jesus. She taught us to trust in Jesus as our Savior. I am so thankful for her as my Momma. She was a wonderful Mother.”

“Losing a mother is never easy.. I remember feeling instantly an orphan when my mom passed away. I swear I felt her soul pass right through me..that was 4 years ago at the age of 66 with no warning.. she was not ill.. Her death taught me so much.. I miss her everyday.. You never get over it.. you just learn to live with it.. My best advice is to feel how you feel. let it out and be ok with it.. and never apologize for how you feel or react.. it’s a process that has no book ..everyone is different and theirs no right way to grieve … prayers to you and your family..”

“So very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers of comfort, peace and healing. I lost both my parents back to back 4 weeks apart a few months ago. We were as close as close could be and we loved the so!! It’s still painful and very hard adjusting without them but I know where they are. No more pain or suffering. Both completely healed and 100% perfect. I would not wish them back if I could..that would be selfish and I loved them enough to let them go! Blessings!”

Hill has said of her mom and family, “They are amazing, very stable, good Christian, God-fearing home, and a great small town of Star, Mississippi.”