Grieving ‘Queen of Versailles’ Responds to Critics in First Interview Since Daughter’s Tragic Death

The subjects of the documentary “Queen of Versailles,” David and Jackie Siegal, just spoke with Inside Edition in their first interview since their daughter Victoria’s death.

The 2008 documentary covered the family’s financial and emotional challenges while building one of the most expensive single-family homes in America, valued at $100 million.

On June 10th of this year, Victoria passed away from a drug overdose, taking a lethal cocktail of methadone and a depression medication called Sertraline.

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Jackie told Inside Edition:

“As a mother, I can say it’s the most horrible thing that I have ever, ever experienced.”

At the time of Victoria’s death, Jackie was heavily criticized after a cameraman caught her taking a picture of her daughter’s casket on her cellphone at the funeral.

In the new interview, Jackie defended her actions:

“It’s my last moment ever to remember my daughter and that day. There’s no book that tells you what you should and shouldn’t do at a funeral.

“I just love my baby so much, I just want every last moment to remember her by.”

Although their house is finally slated to be finished in 2017, the two have not been in the home since Victoria’s tragic death.

David briefly explained why:

“I haven’t been back to the house. One of the bedrooms was going to be hers.”

Now, in Victoria’s memory, the family has set up a charity to help teens battle drug addiction.

“We’re going to win this battle. We can’t save everybody but we’re going to make a dent.”

Image Credit: Victoria Siegal Foundation

The family claims that they did not know Victoria was struggling with addiction to drugs, and say she was an independent girl who distanced herself from her family in the weeks leading up to her death,.

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