Trump Says He’ll Be ‘Signing Something’ to End Immigrant Family Separation

President Donald Trump said he’ll be “signing something” shortly to halt the separation of immigrant families at the southern border, according to The Associated Press.

That “something” is expected to be an executive action plan drafted by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that would order the Department of Homeland Security to keep families caught trying to cross the border illegally together in detention centers while they wait for immigration adjudication.

“We want to keep families together,” the president told reporters, adding that he’d be signing it “in a little while.”

Fox News’ John Roberts on Wednesday confirmed that an executive order to solve the issue is under consideration.

The AP reports that Nielsen doubts that a fix will come from Congress as she works toward a solution to the issue.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump posted a tweet saying he’s “working on something.”

The potential fix comes as backlash over the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration rages in response to photos of children being taken from their parents and placed in separate detention centers.

The president had previously said that it’s up to Congress to fix the policy, which the administration claims is based on faulty immigration laws put in place by Democrats.

But as GOP leaders struggle to secure the votes needed to pass any sort of immigration reform, the White House is forced to consider other options as anger grows over the policy. 

The executive action under consideration would allow children to stay with their parents in detention centers for an extended period of time, and it would ask the Department of Defense to help provide housing for the immigrant families.

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