Farrakhan Tells People to Stop Calling Him an Anti-Semite — Proceeds to Compare Jewish People to Termites

Mario Tama/Getty Images

During a recent speech, controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan claimed he was not an anti-Semite despite things he has said in the past.

Farrakhan has been an extremely controversial figure due to past anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric, and Netflix even refused to stream a documentary on his life.

However, during his speech, the minister thanked those who disliked him:

“White folk don’t like Farrakhan. Some of them respect me. But those who have been our deceivers, they can’t stand me. I’m not mad with you. In fact, to the members of the Jewish community that don’t like me, thank you very much for putting my name all over the planet. Because of your fear of what we represent, I can go anywhere in the world, and they’ve heard of Farrakhan.”

Watch the video below:

Although he claimed he was not an anti-Semite, he then insulted the Jewish community by comparing it to bugs.

“I’m not mad at you ’cause you’re so stupid,” Farrakhan said. “[…] My teacher said, ‘Brother, remember, every knock is a boost.’ So when they talk about Farrakhan, call me a hater — you know what they do — call me an anti-Semite. Stop it. I’m anti-termite.”

Many liberal and Democratic leaders have been linked to Farrakhan, but many have not chosen to distance themselves despite his disturbing comments.

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Why doesn’t the left speak up and condemn that horrible person? I won’t us his name, he is evil personified.


Farrakhan’s history and utterings are not only anti-Semitic, but also anti-white and anti-American. He’s and Rev. Wright could hold a hate-off, but the Left will call neither out for the racists they are.


I am not anti-Muslim. I am, however, anti-Farrahkan and proudly so.


Sounds like Farrakook needs a personal visit from the Orkin Swat Team as he is vermin.

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