‘I’m All for It’: Father of Green Beret Facing Murder Charges Welcomes Trump’s Review of the Case

Jerry Golsteyn, father of Green Beret Matthew Golsteyn, couldn’t be more excited that President Donald Trump is considering a review of his son’s case.

As IJR previously reported, Matthew Golsteyn has been charged with murder for killing a Taliban bombmaker while serving in Afghanistan in 2010. According to the military’s investigation into the incident, the bombmaker was not on a kill list provided to Golsteyn, even though he was a known Taliban agent.

In 2016, Golsteyn was cleared of any wrongdoing in the killing, but the case has since been reopened.

According to a statement given to Fox News by U.S. Army Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Col. Loren Bymer:

“Major Matthew Golsteyn’s immediate commander has determined that sufficient evidence exists to warrant the preferral of charges against him. Major Golsteyn has been charged with the murder of an Afghan male during his 2010 deployment to Afghanistan.”

Still, Trump has vowed to look into the charges against Golsteyn.

Golsteyn’s father, Jerry, spoke to Fox News about the president’s decision to review the case.


“I’m all for it. I think last time I checked, he’s the commander-in-chief. If he feels that something is not going as it should go, I’m more than happy to get him in there and look at the situation and make decisions. Absolutely.”

At the time of the killing, Golsteyn was serving under former President Barack Obama’s rules for engagement. Jerry claims those restrictive rules place more Americans at risk.

“He’s doing this for the many, many soldiers that are in a similar situation that he is. Whether they’re in prison right now or being brought up on charges, a lot of it has to do with the rules of engagement.”

Trump made a similiar criticism in 2013.

Though it isn’t clear what Trump’s review will entail or if Golsteyn will be pardoned for the bombmaker’s death, it is clear that the president did not agree with the rules of engagement that Golsteyn breached while serving in Afghanistan.

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Jessica Lee

Rules of engagement created to give our soldiers the disadvantage – this is a F&^king war – the rules of engagement should be to wipe out the enemy, not allow them to go free to make IEDs that maim and kill our military. This is why we don’t need a Dem in the White House, all they know to do is bow down before foreign interests and terrorists.

Cutter Thayer

This isn’t about “government”, this is about liberal snowflakes causing division because a military soldier did his job, saving lives, including his own, and they only want to vilify him. He’s a hero that was thrown into a war based on propaganda.🤬
A list that speaks of “Rules of engagement”, and don’t allow you to protect your fellow brothers, protect Americans, or protect yourself in a fire fight turns my stomach…

Erin Young

To charge this man for doing the right thing is an abomination. What is truly wrong is the whole catch and release policy. Our children are over there risking their lives and we just let enemy combatants go?? No. The greater evil here is making Matt have to decide to proceed in his own, he did the right thing. The greatest evil are the politicians who play with our troops lives and who came up with such a disgusting and fruitless policy. Hell will ensue should he not be pardoned.


I’m not sure if presidential pardons extend to the military (they should, since he’s commander-in-chief) but this guy did the job assigned him.

In the larger view, this MUST be overturned. Can we say “loss of morale”?

Betsy Lawson

What crime? Major Goldsteyn did the right thing. That scum had already killed two American soldiers. He deserved to die. End of story.

Pat Warnock

President Trump should focus on who on earth is bringing this case – this soldier should be saved more the army deserter saved by Obama at great cost.

Kathy Laban

I think Golsteyr is a hero.how many of our troops can a bomb maker kill?





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