Father of NY & NJ Bombings Suspect Told FBI He Thought His Son Was a Terrorist Two Years Ago

The father of Ahmad Khan Rahami — the man suspected of being behind the New York and New Jersey bombings last week — told the FBI that his son was a terrorist two years ago, but later retracted his statement.

Mohammad Rahami, the New York Times reports, alerted the police his son was a terrorist following a domestic dispute with his brother in 2014. The accusation made its way all the way up to the FBI. According to the Times:

The information was passed to the Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Newark. Officers opened what is known as an assessment, the most basic of F.B.I. investigations, and interviewed the father, who then recanted.

An official, when asked about the inquiry, said the father made the comment out of anger at his son.

While its unclear if the younger Rahami has any ties to specific terrorist cells, he was carrying a notebook that mentioned killing those who didn’t believe in Islam.

Speaking to press Tuesday morning, Mohammad Rahami said he didn’t think his son was a terrorist, adding:

 “No. And the F.B.I., they know that.”

Ahmad Rahami was captured in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Monday morning. So far, he has been charged with five counts of attempted murder against an officer, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

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