FBI Director Comey Ripped for the ‘Dangerous’ Example He Created on Hillary Emails

During the House Oversight Committee’s hearing with FBI Director James Comey, Chairman Jason Chaffetz explained why he was “mystified” about the director’s decision to lay off of Hillary Clinton following his agency’s investigation.

Chaffetz said:

“We believe that you have set a precedent about it. And it’s a dangerous one. … That there’s going to be no consequence.”

Comey announced two days prior that the FBI would not be recommending to the Justice Department that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for using unsecured personal email servers during her time at the State Department.

The recommendation came despite the fact that the FBI admitted that they found:

  • 110 emails in 52 chains contained classified information when they were sent or received
  • 8 chains contained information that was top secret when they were sent or received
  • 36 chains contained secret information when they were sent or received
  • 8 contained confidential information when they were sent or received

The findings have left conservatives on the committee scratching their heads and hoping for answers.

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