FBI Isn’t Concerned That Egyptian Tourists Who Found NYC Bomb are Back Home in the Middle East

After a full week of searching, sources at the FBI say that they have confirmed the identities of two men who walked past a suitcase, took out a pressure cooker bomb, and left with the bag during the New York City and New Jersey terror bombings.

The two men, whom the NYPD chief of counterterrorism James Waters called “very, very lucky” because they hadn’t been blown up handling the bomb, are described as Egyptian “tourists” who have gone back home. There was no indication that either man knew the significance of the bag’s contents.

ABC News also reports that its sources believe that both men, neither of whom have been identified by name, work for an Egyptian airline.

In addition, the NYPD’s Waters told CBS News that the two are considered witnesses rather than possible accomplices:

“They’re not in any jeopardy of being arrested. We have no reason to believe they’re connected.”

The FBI says they were able to identify the two through surveillance cameras and put photos of them last week:

One man, Ahmad Rahami, has been arrested and charged with the bombings that injured more than 30 people on September 17th.

Rahami is charged with detonating a pipe bomb in New Jersey and a pressure cooker bomb in New York’s Chelsea District.

The pressure cooker bomb ‘unpacked’ by the two Egyptian men was found four blocks away.