FBI Now Looking Into Jared Kushner as Part of Russian Investigation: Report

The FBI, as part of its probe into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, is looking deeper into the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner out of suspicion that he has information relevant to the investigation.

Kushner, who is also a White House advisor, met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and Russian banker Sergey Gorkov before Trump took office. NBC News, which broke the story, however, said the FBI does not necessarily suspect Kushner of committing a crime.

News of the FBI’s inquiry into Kushner came just after a report that a senior White House official was a “person of interest” in the Russia investigation.

NBC News reports:

It is not known whether Kushner has received any records requests from federal investigators.

Also unclear is what precisely about Kushner’s activities has drawn the FBI’s interest as it investigates whether Trump associates coordinated with the Russian campaign to interfere in the election. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is now leading the probe as a special counsel.

Congress has subpoenaed other Trump associates but not Kushner, who has offered to share information about his meetings with Russian figures. FBI officials who gave NBC News this information reportedly said Kushner was not under the same type of suspicion as former national security advisor Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort.

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