When Their Dogs Go Missing, Family Is Shocked to Find the Culprit Is Their Friendly Neighborhood Delivery Man

Dogs have been considered members of the family to their owners, so when they run away or get lost, it is quite upsetting. When the pets are taken from their very homes, though, it becomes utterly devastating.

A Houston family claim they were victims of such a violation when two of their French Bulldogs were taken from their home. They searched the neighborhood, eventually reviewing surveillance footage.

What they witnessed was truly appalling: The footage shows a FedEx delivery driver getting out of his truck and taking the puppies from the home.

“We are supposed to trust these people to deliver packages and they are stealing our dogs,” the owner of the dogs Erica Correa said. 

After footage of the pet abduction was aired on local news, the puppies were found huddled together in the middle of a street. A kind stranger took the puppies to a veterinarian, where they were recognized and reunited with their owners.

“We’re just so happy, we feel like our family’s complete again, really, because we couldn’t go another night without these two,”

It is unclear if the delivery driver released the puppies or if they escaped. It also unclear whether the driver felt he was rescuing the puppies or purposefully taking them.

FedEX commented on the incident, saying that the company is:

“…taking this incident very seriously and continues to work closely with authorities investigating this matter. Pending the completion of this investigation, the driver will not be providing service on behalf of FedEx ground.”

Regardless of the driver’s motives, thankfully, this story had a happy ending.

Note: This article was edited for content after publication.

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