First Olympic Gold Goes to American Girl with a Gun– And Internet’s Quick to Bring on the Hate

When 19-year-old Ginny Thrasher first picked up a rifle five years ago, she just wanted to go deer hunting with her grandfather. But on Saturday, Thrasher shot her way to the first American gold medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games.

She won her gold in the women’s 10 meter air-rifle finals, one of the most precise sports in the Olympic games, upsetting the top-ranked Andrea Arsovic (Serbia) and defending champion Siling Yi (China). In the final, she knocked out 2-time gold medalist (2004, 2008) Li Du (China).

And while many were quick to congratulate the Virginia native — like Republican Senator Ben Sasse (Nebraska):

And 2nd Amendment advocate and radio host Dana Loesch:

And some noted just how perfect her name was:

But then the haters started in:

Thrasher, whose final score of 208.0 set an Olympic record, spoke out about how the gun-control debate has put a strain on her sport: “Some of the controversial gun laws in America are just distracting from our sport, which is very different. I try to focus on the competition.”

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