First Republican Lawmaker Says Trump Engaged in Impeachable Conduct

FILE PHOTO: House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) talks to reporters on Capitol Hill after attending a White House meeting on the repeal of Obamacare in Washington, U.S., March 23, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo

U.S. Representative Justin Amash, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, on Saturday became the first Republican lawmaker to say the president has engaged in impeachable behavior.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election reveals that Trump “engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment,” Amash, who has signaled he would consider running as a libertarian against Trump in the 2020 election, wrote on Twitter.

Mueller’s report “identifies multiple examples of conduct satisfying all the elements of obstruction of justice, and undoubtedly any person who is not the president of the United States would be indicted based on such evidence,” Amash wrote.

Trump has said Mueller’s report concluded there no obstruction of justice. Mueller’s report made no formal finding on that question, leaving the matter up to Congress.

Amash also wrote that “it is clear” that Attorney General William Barr intended to mislead the public about Mueller’s report in his conclusions and congressional testimony about it.

In his letter to Congress, Barr said he and his deputy Rod Rosenstein determined there was insufficient evidence to establish that the president committed criminal obstruction of justice, or acted unlawfully to impede the investigation.

Amash’s comments echoed the conclusions of many Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on May 8 that Trump was moving closer to impeachment with his efforts to thwart congressional subpoenas and obstruct lawmakers’ efforts to oversee his administration.

Still, Democrats are divided about impeachment and Pelosi also said impeachment proceedings would be “divisive” for the country.

The White House and the Department of Justice did not immediately respond to requests for comments about Amash’s tweets.

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee wrote on Twitter “it’s sad to see … Amash parroting the Democrats’ talking points on Russia.” She said the only people still concerned about the Russia investigation are Trump’s political foes “hoping to defeat him in 2020 by any desperate means possible.”

Amash, who represents Michigan’s 3rd congressional district, wrote that he had read Mueller’s full redacted report, but that few members of Congress had.

In February Amash became the lone Republican to co-sponsor a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives to reject the emergency Trump declared at the U.S.-Mexico border to build a wall there, in a stinging rebuke to the president.

Impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, Amash wrote on Saturday. But the risk during a time of extreme partisanship “is not that Congress will employ it as a remedy too often but rather that Congress will employ it so rarely that it cannot deter misconduct.”



  2. He and Brother own Tektron Tools made in China and imported and sold as made in USA. Is he worried about Tariffs.? Disgusting human – unAmerican

    1. It sounds as if this is a wolf (RINO) in sheep skin. The state of Michigan needs to vote this Democrat (make believe Republican) off Capitol Hill. The good people of this country do not need someone like this person having anything to do will making laws to help govern this country, and certainly don’t need him in the White House running this country. He definitely needs to go back home to Michigan.

  3. So MSM finds a #NeverTrump to be #NeverTrump …… such groundbreaking news. This is why we don’t trust MSM. #FakeNews #TDS garbage is #EnemyOfThePeople – This is just a garbage “article” designed to give red meat to those that are full of hate, which that hate is more important to them then rule of law and this country.

  4. I think he is a damn liberal & go ahead & run for office so we can crush you like a cockroach what is your nationality or what are your religious beliefs? can you answer that?

    1. He’s a Christian, and second generation Syrian immigrant. I live in his district, and know these facts. I don’t think he’s a NeverTrump. He’s more libertarian. Definitely not a liberal. He’s hard to peg down, but he’s more of a constitutionalist than anything. Most of the comments on this post are missing the mark. I think he’s reading the report for what it is, but isn’t endorsing the impeachment. He’s more of a factual person than a blowhard get-Trump-out-of-office-in-whatever-works person. I think the mainstream media is just all in a tizzy because they found a republican who thinks independently and is saying what they want to hear. It’ll blow over and they’ll find the next thing to get excited about.

      1. He’s a never Trump. This is easy info to find with a small amount of research.

  5. Ok, so what editor recognized the second paragraph to remain in this article? It appears to be a complete run on sentence devoid of any cohesive thought.

  6. Justin Amash? Never heard of him. But he sounds like a pitiful puke looking for his 15 minutes.

  7. So the main stream conspiracy news media hunts down idiots like this for a BS interview. This is a special kind of stupid. The conspiracy news media, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS and even Fox News, reported a total of over 500,000 conspiracies/lies over the last 2+ years. ALL of those lies were targeted at the Hitler left. When Mueller exposed the lies and conspiracies from the conspiracy news media, the left went nuts. Instead of demanding the news media straighten up and tell the truth, the Hitler lefties are STILL allowing the news media to control them. Trump is correct, that the enemy of the people is the main steam conspiracy news media.

  8. How do these un-american people get into office???? We certainly seem to have a lot of uneducated people in the voting booths these days.

    1. He’s there because of the Tea Party voters. You can look it up. As someone who helped vote him in five times, I can tell you that he ran against establishment Republicans and trounced them the first two times. The last three they didn’t even try. That’s how popular he is in MI-3. He’s no liberal. No way. He’s not saying what you all want to hear in this situation, so I say your criticisms are in ignorance. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s certainly not what everyone here is saying. He just said something the MSM wants to hear and suddenly he’s “the thing”. No he’s not. And this will blow over tomorrow and the MSM will breathlessly tout the next “thing” they found.

  9. Kick this RINO!!! out of office. He is a traitor to all Americans. Filthy turncoat!!!

  10. Amash, you have your own agenda possibly joining the republicans as a ruse to cover up that you re actually a democrat. I think you should resign from public office, there is more going on and it is not for the benefit of the American people.

  11. So, a Muslim that agrees with other Muslims like Tlaib and wants to run against Trump in 2020 says Trump is guilty of obstruction. Of course, he doesn’t have an axe to gring, oh no. Another reason to NEVER have a Muslim in Congress. They are only interested in bringing America down. People from MI, vote this Muslim out.

  12. Amash, go ahead, run against Trump. You will be buried in the sand of your Muslim desert.

    1. In all fairness, Amash is a Christian. He’s Syrian by race. Definitely not Muslim. I live in his district. I know these things.

  13. Who’s this spineless RINO clown backstabber?

  14. No rush to judgement here, but, ‘Amash’ is definitely a Muslim name and he is definitely a RINO.

  15. Go ahead, Amash, You might just have a chance with the two votes you get.

  16. There very well could be Democrats who run as Republicans for the purpose of voting on the side of the Democratic party. They would be on the same team really just like Rhinos. If one thinks it doesn’t ever happen, think again.

  17. I think it’s time to keep an eye on this guy’s finances !!!

  18. Resign NOW you are to inept and incompetent to hold public office

  19. Amash must have mash for brains; probably been drinking too much if that lead laced water they have in the public water in Michigan cities. The man has no brains!

  20. More leftwing BS. Some Democratic contenders for 2020 should not even be allowed in the running. Examples: Sanders, and any other socialist leaning leftwinger. Our nation is governed by the constitution, and anyone who doesn’t want to abide by it has no business running for President or any other political position. And this so-called Republican probably doesn’t either.

  21. Why does this and other sites even give space and credit to the enemy to attack the first real President America has had in decades?

  22. Justine is a never trumper and always has been. If he is doing what his Constituents want then they need to vote for him again. If as I suspect, he is doing the bidding of the dumbycrats, Globalists, and National Chamber of Communist Lovers, then he needs to be sent packing so he be the nothing he IS.

  23. Why do Sites like this even give Muslims a platform to attack our first real President in Decades?

  24. Let me guess. Amash is in a predominantly DemoRat state, coming up for re-election and is pandering for the libtard votes to remain in office. Am I wrong on this assumption?

  25. Amash is either a Muslim supporter, because of his many Muslim constituents, or he’s a Muslim, himself. I suspect the latter. This is all political posturing, as Ronna McDaniel points out. He’s considering a run against Trump. He has absolutely NO idea of what he is about to butt heads with, and he’s the one that will be bloodied.

    1. Friend is obviously confused.

      Does he REALLY think that either the Tea Party OR the Freedom Cause would have had ANYTHING to do with Justin if he really was a Muslim? Honestly? You guys are so naïve.

      Born in Grand Rapids, and raised in Kentwood, Michigan, Justin Amash is the son of a Palestinian CHRISTIAN father and a Syrian CHRISTIAN mother, you bigots. It’s a wonder that you have figured out to breathe for this long.

  26. So this fool is just a RINO who is trying to get his name in the news!

  27. Feels like this guy’s trying to butter his own bread, working toward his own agenda. Shame on him

  28. I think all this guy from MICHIGAN is, is a deep blue democrat dressed in a shear red robe. Him being from Michigan he is going to do what ever the local Dems tell him to.

    1. AND his Muslim constituents, if he’s not a Muslim himself. I think he is. Definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  29. The first thing socialist tyrannies (i.e., Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, Iran, etc.) do is to get rid of these two-faced politicians by hanging them in the public square to make an example.

    1. You must be referring to the Socialist, tyrannical Democrats that are in league with this Muslim. They wouldn’t get rid of their buddy.

      1. Charles, It’s not the buddies that do the hanging. They get hung also. It’s all the useful idiots (the ‘buddies’) they employ that they get rid of. If their stooges would betray their own country in favor of those that control them, those in control figure the useful idiots could do the same to them.

        Those ‘faces upfront’ in the news are not the real power. It’s those who run & pay them off who are hiding in the background & don’t get much notice, if any, who pull the traitors strings.


  30. Well Republicans, We know what Justin Amash is trying to do. Garner support from desperate Democrats for his campaign. Democrats can’t win with their Socialist agenda.. Most people are beginning to realize the Democratic Socialist agenda is what was ruining the economy. They can see the results in Venezuela. Unfortunately the economy will crash just before the election, if it looks at all like any socialist or liberals are getting into the White House. But hang in and make money in the rapid recovery when he gets back in. Just like when it came down to Obama or McCain. RiNO Amash thinks he could win by getting conservative Democratic votes and never Trumpers. Luckily he won’t be able to get on the Republican ballot so he plans to run as a Libertarian, but all that will do is steel some votes from the Democrats, and a few from the Never Trump camp. So Socialist will vote Democratic. I don’t think he will steel many conservative Democrats votes. Most seem so stuck on the party, they would vote Democratic if their candidate was the devil. They kind of proved that with Hillery. But some saw Hillery as a chance to get Bill Clinton behind the throne, and virtually back in office. Some have confessed that to me. Maybe Republicans can grounds to impeach Amash. his true character is showing and where there is stink there is rot.

  31. Funny how this unknown RINO thinks he’s the smartest man in the room.

  32. Obama did A LOT more impeachable things while in office, yet, SILENCE among the parties … President Trump has done nothing but good for this country and he is attacked, daily, by these vultures, BEGONE with them ALL…

    1. Go to Ephesians 6:12 for an explanation.

  33. The Democrats will do anything to discredit the President and there are certain “Republicans” that would rather destroy the party and the country because Trump has made them look like fools. Finally we have a President with a “set” and Washington elite can not stand it. Trump has advanced the US more in 2 years than anyone in the last 50 or more. Yes, as a person and a public speaker he sucks. That’s not what you vote for or Clinton (Bill…. I did not have sex), Kennedy, Biden, or the rest of the Democrat clown show would never be eligible.

  34. I wonder how much money it took for Amash to come out against President Trump ! Just remember money is the root of all evil and he has made his bed and he will lie in it !

  35. Another RINO to be dealt with come primary time. A M A S H ??? Is this asshole an arab?

    1. This next election will be a sad state of affairs. It’s very likely that we will keep Trump, but you can bet that the left will steal even more congressional seats as well as senate seats. The reason is that the American people are gullible, including most conservatives. The left really doesn’t care about POTUS because if they “own” congress they can override everything trump does as well as keep Trump busy fighting frivolous garbage, as they have been doing since he took office.

      The worst part of all of this is that we could have stopped it in it’s tracks if we had the balls and thousands of armed American patriots had stormed Washington DC in 2008 and physically removed Ovomitt (before he took office) and Hil-LIAR-y and put them in jail and tried them for fraud, corruption, and treason. At the same time we should have removed ALL leftists and RINOs from office because it is a violation of our Constitution to allow them to hold office. We will never have a civil war II, what it will eventually come to is a simple fight for survival (SHTF). We should also jail the Bushes for treason also, for allowing and condoning the Ovomit and Hil-LIAR-y crap to go on.

    2. He wants to run for President as a libertarian, good luck with that. Then we can replace him.

    3. michigan? amash? trump should send 100,000 illegals too Michigan.

  36. You know who needs to go to jail? The people who really did collude like Hillary, Obama and their cohorts. They are picking on Trump because they are running scared.

  37. With the Democrats always in lock-step with all things anti-Trump, Rinos like this clown should be kicked out of the Republican Party.

    1. “Amash, who has signaled he would consider running as a libertarian against Trump in the 2020 election” article

      Here’s your chance. Maybe the rest of the electorate won’t be confused.

      1. If the Libertarians should run this jerk as a candidate, my opinion of the Libertarians would plummet.

    2. Impeach Trump, do not wait any longer. He is getting away with too many criminal and obstructive activities. He is unfit for the Presidence office. It’s like having a mafia in the White House.

  38. This man is a Democrat Communist who obviously ran as a Republican in order to win in his district. He is no conservative!

  39. Amash is a weird “Republican”. Is he there to undermine or what?

  40. Rep. Amash is on an narcissistic power trip…MI: Hmmm.

  41. This idiot is a known clown in Michigan. I suspect he’ll be gone at the end of his current term. Michigan has had enough of his idiocy,.

    1. No wonder he is trying to earn “brownie” points by attacking the POTUS…

  42. Amish hopefully is not the next McCain. If he does not want to believe Mueller or Barr, then he should go ahead and change to Demorat. What a ZERO.

    1. Barr lied about what Mueller said. If you believe Mueller, then you also agree with Amash. You truly are confused, aren’t you?

  43. How about it MIchigan are you going to re elect this RINO?

  44. I need to know what special interest group he’s doing tricks for. What did they promise him and how much his bank balance has grown since his tweets. Who will ensure that this Liberal gets a pink slip on the next election. Where do I contribute to help us reach that end?

  45. As usually another RINO (Whiner) is to stupid to realize that Trump is working on making his state a auto building empire again.

  46. Aww so desperate he has to climb on the libtard bus to get someone to notice him.. Ive said it for most of my life. the most dangerous thing to AMERICA , sadly is the ABUSE, of the first amendment..Hell they had to use a 2017 photo, becuase this guys so deep in the closet no one cares who he is..

    1. Yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater is against the law and comes with consequences. So should Treason. What ever happened to “a person is innocent until proven guilty?” Two years $35 million bucks later came up with zero indictments for the President. To the Liberals….Get a life and give this up. He will be a two term President.

  47. Another damn rino traitor. He is only in office go for personal gain, just like the rest of the greedy power hungry mob. Useless to the people he is supposed to represent.

    1. The House of Representatives needs to be renamed “The House of an Occasional Representative”.
      Richard William Faith
      central Florida

  48. He never been a republican he always vote against the republican sponsor legislation, he should be kick out of the Republican Caucus.

  49. Amash is a mess, and a RINO to be sure. He should just declare himself a Democrat and be done with it. At least then he wouldn’t look like such a pathetic liar.

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