Flashback: Trump Praised Nancy Pelosi in Her First Stint as Speaker of the House

With a Democratic majority preparing to take over the House of Representatives this week, President Donald Trump faces the prospect of divided government for the first time in his political career. But before he dove into politics, Trump offered effusive praise for House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

In a January 2007 radio interview with Don Imus, unearthed in 2016 by CNN’s KFILE investigative team, Trump praised Pelosi as she was preparing to take the gavel as speaker of the House.

“I know Nancy Pelosi. I actually got to meet her through a great friend of mine and, really, a great man, Charlie Rangel,” Trump said.

Trump expressed his high hopes for the incoming Democratic majority at the time:

“Charlie introduced me to her. I got to like her a lot. I’ve been with her a little bit. I think she’s going to be terrific. I think Charlie and the Democrats, I think they’re going to do a very good job. I think that slowly, they’re going to squeeze them out of this war.”

Listen to the interview below, via CNN:

But that interview wasn’t Trump’s only praise for Pelosi. As Politico reported in 2011, when he was first mulling the idea of a presidential run, Trump had sent Pelosi a signed congratulations note when she was first sworn in as speaker.

Trump took the step of congratulating Pelosi personally, signing a copy of a New York Times article with a personal message to celebrate her achievement:

“Nancy — you’re the best. Congrats. Donald.”

Pelosi is expected to become the next speaker of the House after working out a deal with an insurgent group of Democrats who had previously opposed her run. Once she takes the gavel, Pelosi will likely be a thorn in Trump’s side as he first faces the prospect of working with Democrats to get anything done in Washington.


  1. Congress just got a 2 Year paid leave due to inactivity for the people of the United States.

  2. flashback: multiple mainstream outlets knock Trump for failing to visit troops during the holidays.

    So recent, so unprofessional, and so 100% partisan. So unapologized for. So absolutely FAKE NEWS. They’ve so given up pretending.

    I wonder how actual, PROFESSIONAL journalists AT REAL news outlets would have taken responsibility for this. It’s a good thing no real journalists were involved.

  3. I predict Pelosi and Trump will get along at least as well as Ryan and Trump did, better than Sessions and Trump did, but not as well as Kim Jung Un and Trump. Trump is not going to proclaim they “fell in love.”

    1. That’s because Pelosi is paid by her huge donors to “get along”.

  4. At best, the corrupt Democratic Party is going to spin its wheels for the next two years. They will make that clear with this one vote.

  5. That’s because Pelosi is going to kill ANY possible important Democratic policy by putting Pay-Go into place in the rules changes bill. She is going to hamstring the party from the get-go. The majority of the Progressive Caucus is going to vote for this idiotic policy, too.

    Only two real progressives have said that they will vote against Pay-Go. Two. The rest are phonies.

    A few more might join and vote against when the time comes tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath.

    1. Only three Democrats voted against the rules change: AOC, Ro Khana, and Tulsi Gabbard.

      All of the other fools just helped the Republicans.

    2. All Justice Democrats could have voted against the rules change and the Democrats would still have passed them, but at least they could have kept to the principles that got them elected.

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